Dems Will Welcome One Of The Most Diverse Groups Of Elected Officials To Public Office In 2021. GOPers Will Get A Little More Diverse Too

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It’s good that the diversity of the government is growing, but it’s important to note that is almost solely due to the Democrats. Republicans sent more women, but when it comes to non-whites, non-LGBT, there are only a few scattered Republicans in offices. The difference in the diversity between the two parties is really an issue, and it’s the root of why the Republicans serve the white supremacists…without them they can’t win. Until the Republican party decides to become diverse in exchange for ditching white supremacy, we’ll continue to have the divisive politics we’ve had for the past two decades.

Um, if the bimbo from the mountains of North Georgia is what the Rethugs call diversity, I think they probably need a dictionary to understand the term. Insane, crazy nuts is what they have come up with so far.