Creator Of Site Where El Paso Shooter Allegedly Posted Manifesto Wants Site Shut Down

The founder of the site 8chan, where a shooter may have posted a racist, anti-immigrant screed before killing 20 people at a Walmart in El Paso, called for the messaging board to be shut down on Sunday.

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“They have reasons for their beliefs.” Yeah…like they are hate-filled, small-minded, ignorant, insecure bigots who can’t admit to their own short comings.


The site is now run by Jim Watkins, an army veteran, who’s insisted that he’s “obviously not a white supremacist” while shrugging off the white nationalists who use his platform.

“I don’t have a problem with white supremacists talking on 8chan,” Watkins told Splinter in April. “They have reasons for their beliefs. I don’t need to justify their reasons.”

Unbelievable. What a vile person.


There is literally open dialogue praising mass shootings and mass shooters on the site, discussing best approaches and gear for mass shootings, discussing shooters “high scores” (casualty counts), etc. The El Paso shooter’s manifesto is essentially a summarization of discussion found on that site. It is a place where young men become radicalized in a way that is no different (other than supporting ideology) than suicide bombers in middle eastern countries. It must test the bounds of what this country can find acceptable, even under the First Amendment.


Maybe discobot should visit 8chan for a while and take a break from signing me out here randomly every 10 minutes or so.


I like that idea. Discobot was hassling me earlier today when I was trying to post and kept telling what I was trying to post was an incomplete sentence. Ummmm, I passed fourth grade – I know what complete and incomplete sentences are and was deliberately posting what I was posting.


Do they (the posters there) also bond over their hatred of women?


Discobot is almost as well-liked as that talking paper clip thingy that Microsoft Word used to have. Almost.


“They have reasons for their beliefs. I don’t need to justify their reasons.”

I’m surprised he didn’t say, “I was only following orders.”




The site is now run by Jim Watkins, an army veteran, who’s insisted that he’s “obviously not a white supremacist”…

How can we be sure of that, Jim?

So, if I ran a site like yours, and people were constantly posting pictures and videos of pre-teens in sexual situations, then I could honestly say that I am “obviously not a pedophile.”?


They were planning on starting a 16Chan, but the users of 4Chan and 8Chan can’t count that high.


I knew it was a stupid name. Thanks!


Maybe all of those opportunistic hate-merchants could be sued into the poorhouse, if they can’t be prosecuted as accessories to murder.


Back in the day, you could actually change characters. There was a cat helper that was fun. It would purr.


So…do they sell ad space on these sites? I am unclear on how they make money.


What will QAnon a**holes do without 8chan? They won’t know to attack pizza places running pedophile rings.

Oh, I know, they can funnel hatred from one of the other racist web sites.

Let’s take it from the very top and work our way down: Fox News, Breitbart, InfoWars . . .


SC GOPer’s son arrested for threatening to shoot up a scool.

“Howdy, I’m Parker Mustian and I hate black people,” the teen begins in the first clip. “They’re the worst. They’re stinky and they just suck. They’re just bad people.”

Mustian proceeds to fire a weapon at what he claims are “a box of Jordans – the favorite pair of shoes for a black man.”

“I’m going to show you what I think of a black man,” Mustian says, unloading his weapon at the box of shoes.

“Fck all nggers,” he says after firing.

A second video is even more graphic, with Mustian firing two weapons into the same shoe box.

“It seems that our n*gger hasn’t quite learned his lesson yet,” Mustian said. “It seems like he needs twenty-five rounds to the dome.”

Other videos and text messages allegedly sent by Mustian have yet to be published, but are reportedly in possession of law enforcement.

Mustian is the grandson of Richard Quinn , the prominent South Carolina political strategist whose empire recently collapsed as part of a multi-year corruption probe. That probe is ongoing. In fact, Quinn was arrested earlier this year and charged with eleven counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice in connection with the investigation.

Mustian is the son of prominent Columbia, S.C. attorney Ben Mustian , Quinn’s son-in-law.

The graphic videos were posted on social media over the weekend by Annabelle Robertson , a former Democratic candidate for South Carolina’s second congressional district. Robertson’s daughter is friends with several students who attend Cardinal Newman, and her “peer group” was reportedly sharing the threatening clips."

The threatening video is posted at the Twitter link.

This kid’s father is Ben Mustian - Staff Counsel, Judiciary Committee, South Carolina House of Representatives.


“obviously not a white supremacist“

One way to be “obviously” not a white supremacist is to not Run their freakin’ ping-pong lounge.


Murder isn’t reasonable.

Facilitating the planning of murder isn’t responsible. It’s called “insurrection,” private.