CPD Won’t Indulge Trump’s Claims Of Bias Ahead Of Debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates refuted President Trump’s complaint that the nonpartisan organization is enacting “pro-Biden antics” just days before his final presidential debate against Democratic rival Joe Biden.

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…debate topics include: “Fighting COVID-19,” “American Families,” “Race in America,” “Climate Change,”

What’s his beef? All five of these topics are things he has been fighting since day one.


So, the Fox News guys wasn’t good enough and anyone to the left of him has to be a fascist socialist Kenyan Muslim, right?

Trump is fighting everything. He has no ideas. Therefore, he cannot debate. He can only scream while throwing tantrums. He is being Trump. He is losing. Bigly. Yugely. It’s going to be a fucking landslide.

He claimed that Biden was the weakest/worst candidate of all time. Again, Trump was projecting. We all know who is the weakest/worst candidate of all time.


I wonder if Trump is practicing via mock debates, and who his opponents are in those mock debates?

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I may be A Idiot, but the campaigns both agreed to these structures and these moderators months ago, did they not? I know DJT is not especially familiar with being held to the terms of an agreement he made, but c’mon.

Weak shit.


If past performance is any indicator of future performance, he showed up once, complained a great deal, then wandered off down a hallway retweeting some dogwhistle racist bullshit. Also, too, Chris Christie was the stand in last time.

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Lol yeah right…


Well, a ‘very stable genius’ with an ‘incredible memory’ should have no problem. I wonder if Arthur Conan Doyle ever wrote a Sherlock Holmes story where the great detective whined about how difficult criminals made his life.


He only wishes he could sue somebody about it.

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You forgot feminist. :grinning:


Whiny little bitch.

No helicopter ride for you!


And now for a bit of something completely different…

And totally OT.

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Trump is the King of lies and mealy mouthed nonsense…he will handle with his usual disingenuous aplomb…and be pronounced the clear winner by the media that just can’t seem to help themselves 8n these matters.


Jeez, I hope she’s ok.
(I’m trying to “Be Best”. How am I doing? :thinking:)


Yeah, there are lingering effects from an infection which might have killed someone else, but there is permanent and lasting disgust at not being able to divorce him until 2021.


Dr. Fauci (who has been getting death threats) agrees trumPP is the king of lies

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Reacting to the President’s withering criticism of his intellect, Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that he does not have a brain like Donald Trump’s.

“I have to say that he has a point,” Fauci said. “My brain could never come up with the things his brain comes up with.”

Having worked closely with Trump on the White House coronavirus task force, Fauci observed, “His brain is scary.”

"It’s much faster than mine,” the esteemed virologist added. “I need hours to look at facts and data before making a decision, but he makes decisions in seconds, without any information at all.”

While asserting that Trump’s gray matter “merits further study,” Fauci said that he has a theory for why the President’s brain is so much quicker than his.

“My brain is all clogged up with decades’ worth of epidemiology,” he said. “His just has ‘person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ ”


“Ask me if I care. Do you?”

Leadership and American security both contain foreign policy within them.

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. These Trumpkins would probably be better off complaining why one of the topics wasn’t “Fauci: Evil or just incompetent”.

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