COVID Death Toll Expected To Hit 500k Next Month, Biden Says | Talking Points Memo

The death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to pass 500,000 at some point next month, President Biden said, in remarks that offered a whiplash from the previous administration.

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The deaths are horrible.

May they all rest in peace and deserved better from the Trump Administration.


Biden said, in remarks that offered a whiplash from the previous administration.

I thought he did well. Stumbled a bit verbally here and there, as much from being tired as from anything else. Overall, the message was sound and reassuring, but also sad in a way, when you think about how much we lost because of Trump.


Incidentally, Biden used the same small table that Trump famously did. I hope the people who previously ridiculed the use of the table have taken some time to rethink their priorities!


“If we get the majority of Americans, 70-85 percent, vaccinated by [autumn], we could have a degree of herd immunity that would get us back to normal,” Fauci added.

Does he mean the majority of Americans over 16? That’s still not clear to me. Are we talking 70 percent of those people, or 70 percent of all Americans?

And is it going to be possible, when there are millions who think the vaccine is going to inject Bill Gates’ DNA and turn them into Chinese Communists?


But, hey, the GOP says we can’t afford $1.9 trillion to beat back this dystopian cataclysm.

I mean, it’s not as if those half-million corpses are billionaires missing out on a tax cut, or anything.


Some dystopian cataclysms just aren’t worth the trouble.


I vote for a medium sized table. Still portable but created for bigger betters signings.


He stumbles a bit verbally in every single speech he makes. A side effect of a life long battle with stuttering. What table?


This one, and it didn’t make DJT’s hands look bigger.


And we can afford an extra six months of Secret Service for Trump and his family. They’re all afraid of the Proud Boys now.


He said


I didn’t watch, but the pix I posted is the tiny table that Trump had used. This picture is of the resolute desk.

  1. A quick answer: All Americans who can be infected and can spread the virus. Longer answer: For any strain of any virus, there is a relationship between the fraction of the population that’s already somehow immune and the additional time taken to halt the spread of that strain. We still don’t know precisely what this relationship is for the mix of COVID strains we have, so, as to your first question, I would not try to be too precise at this stage.

  2. Biden touched on the problem of public perception. He did it under the rubric of “equity,” referring to the ways in which “hesitation” in various demographic groups must be addressed. He spoke of having to fight disinformation, and you’re right that the problem goes deep (so to speak).


Yes, I did.

Your photograph was not taken at today’s event.


Yes, and it does not bother me.


Your photograph of Biden using the table was… not taken at all?

Enough that it was really your first critique though. Odd since you’re aware he stutters.

I was beginning to feel that way, and then we took back the House in 2018!


Read more carefully or not at all.

I thought that, regardless of the details in point one (which certainly make good sense), the vaccines weren’t approved for use in kids yet. But I have not looked into this just yet, so I may be entirely wrong.


What? I was exactly precise in my critique. Your first critique was

Where’s that photo? Don’t be Trumpy.