Country At Boiling Point Before Election As Candidates Make Final Push | Talking Points Memo

President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden are continuing to make their final campaign pushes two days before Election Day.

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New voters could be the difference.





A friend started my day off with a smile trying to pass some of it on.


My state (Iowa) seem to be going for Trump.

Life is meaningless and full of pain.


Donald Trump Jr is being sent to Nevada, in a sure sign the state is not considered a battleground. The strategy must be to get him some sun before going inside, and perhaps a side trip to a detox center before he is forced to go cold turkey in jail. Cocaine.




She don’t lie.


Looks like the bus companies for hire have been talking to each other about non-payment.


Republicans will come home to the party, so of course the polls will tighten.


If we still dump Ernst, I’ll still call it a win


Interesting how no one is going to Texas.


Even though I am optimistic, I am also starting to get nervous. I’m going to need to stock up on wine for Tuesday night and beyond.

I received the following in an Axios email. While it doesn’t completely calm me, it helps.

1 big thing: A safe, sane way to navigate election night — and beyond

We all need to be clear-eyed about the social and political volatility heading into Election Day:

  • The chances of sporadic violence, significant unrest or voting issues are quite high, according to basically every federal and state official monitoring voting and its aftermath in 2020.

But all of us — Democrats, Republicans, independents alike — can do our part to minimize the drama and darker scenarios, Axios CEO Jim Vandehei writes:

1. Vote and then chill until late Tuesday night. There’ll be dumb rumors, wild speculation and armchair projections, all of it meaningless.

  • There’s no chance you have even a clue who wins until Florida, Georgia and North Carolina are counted and reported.
  • More likely , you will need to wait for clear-cut results in Pennsylvania, where it will take days to count all mail-in votes.

2. Don’t expect a quick, clear winner: We can’t stress enough the chance of it taking days to fully count mail-in and absentee votes, to determine the real outcome in places like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

  • Be patient : COVID and the mail-in torrent make this election unlike any other.

3. Brace for the possibility of a “Red Mirage.” We first told you about this term, coined by the Democratic data firm Hawkfish, on “Axios on HBO” before Labor Day:

  • Because polling and modeling shows Republicans are more likely to vote in person and Democrats are more likely to vote by mail, early counts could look heavier for the GOP than the final result, when absentee votes are all counted.
  • So the trends could look more Trump-friendly than the final outcome. This is not a partisan belief; it’s a simple fact. ( See the full “Red Mirage” segment.)

4. Don’t share social-media posts that aren’t from a source you trust and know well. Period. Too many people share too much garbage too often.

  • Only pay attention to sources of information you trust and can validate with 100% certainty. Measure twice, tweet once (or, better yet, never).

5. Don’t overreact. You might see images on cable or social media of protests, or what seem like massive voter intimidation or issues. This can often seem bigger or more widespread than it is.

  • Top officials tell us they fear Russia or other actors plan to amplify even the smallest issues to sow chaos. So don’t assume the worst.

6. Expect that President Trump may refuse to accept results, if he loses.

  • Why? Because he has told us he will fight the voting rules and results all the way to the Supreme Court. Watch his actions more than his words.
  • Here’s a small sign of what may lie ahead: As reported by the N.Y. Times, the Trump campaign — citing the possibility that “multiple states will require recounts” — is raising money to continue ballot fights into mid-December:

7. Don’t hyperventilate about court cases. There will probably be many. But wait until there are actual verdicts and appeals to appraise the significance.

8. Brace yourself for 78 days of drama and turmoil from Nov. 4 through the inauguration.

  • No one working for Trump or Joe Biden thinks the post-election period will be remotely normal. Even if you get the result you want, anticipate months of wild maneuvering and protests.
  • Here, too, keep it in perspective and don’t make matters worse by sharing or overreacting to false or misleading reports.

What’s next: The nation is headed into a firestorm. There’s no way it’s orderly or normal, or even necessarily over when it seems over.

  • All we can do is be smart about what’s to come, and wise in our responses.

Grassley (45 years), Steve King (17 years), Ernst . . . My surprise level is stunningly low.


Which means… How good are the likely voter polling results? Have they over or under estimated this?

We used to have Harkin.

We gave Obama his first primary win.

Then we went full MAGA.

Agree with @jonney_5, we send Ernst packing, I’ll be ecstatic.


With the kind of welcome the Biden/Harris bus received in Austin I can understand why. Yet they came and spoke to the folks in the Rio Grande Valley and Houston, and Dallas. Texas has been working very hard at going purple/blue, and hope for our state is brighter than ever. Team trumpp has the advantage of being able to preach to the racist base well established here, but they have no sway over the growing progressive movement which includes the younger voters.

eta/ Besides, Austin is a Biden Harris lock. But Texas is a plum in the EC count.


Which I have read is up significantly


I’m thinking about Trump’s campaign refusing to send anyone to SOTU. This is NOT how confident (and winning) campaigns act. They know they are headed for an electoral beatdown.


I guess that would depend on the poll’s selection process. Gallup rates them based on how they answer a group of questions, so I would think they would be accounted for.


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