Coronavirus Raises Prospect Of Generic Drug Shortages | Talking Points Memo

Coronavirus’ threats may extend to our drug supply.

The U.S. does not manufacture the vast majority of its pharmaceuticals at home, instead relying on a complex global supply chain that starts off in China.

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It won’t end with drugs, China is central to a lot of things that are manufactured today, either in raw materials or in some minor part that is then embedded into a larger item. It’s not just iPhones that will have manufacturing issues, and it won’t be a couple weeks before things get back to normal…odds are this and the next quarter will show economic impact, which is why the Trump people are panicking, they know tow back quarters before an election will damage their chances.

Of course, we are here due to the economic policies pushed by the wealthy that globalized the economic system, mostly to their financial benefit…this is really going to push nations to keep at least critical items on their home turf wherever possible, especially if it turns as bad as it could. If 50% of the world’s population gets this, and it kills 1% of those people, it will cause a massive upheaval in world affairs.


The amazingly irksome thing to me is that Big Pharma outsources drug manufacture to countries that don’t always meet US health standards in production; they get the drugs produced for pennies; and then they ship them to the US and gouge the holy hell of anyone trying to fill a prescription.

Not to mention the strategic vulnerability for situations like COVID-45.


“The whole supply chain will be disrupted, partly from China and partly from India,” he reportedly added.

So we’ll just impose tariffs on them. Tariffs fix everything.


The Food and Drug Administration already announced last week that an unnamed drug is in shortage across the U.S. due to the outbreak.

What are the odds that this is a drug that is predominantly used by those in the GOP… if it was used primarily by Ds you can bet they would have announced the name to cause a panic that tRump could point to.


Oh swell. All my medications are generic. Sigh.


You assemble a critical or popular item for sale, with parts sourced from several different nations. Maybe some of those are sole-sourced, without alternative vendors in place. One failed delivery and the entire product sits incomplete and not for sale. Shit’s gonna hit the fan for sure.


At first, I saw “geriatric”. I can sympathize…


It’s already too late…


Profiteers bumped the DOW up 600 points in final 50 minutes of trading.


I checked and my blood pressure meds aren’t on the list, but if that changes I’ll have no recourse but to weigh less and exercise more. Seems like a high price just to keep living. :angry:


No worry “mattinpa”,Trump has your back.
He will sign an executive order preventing you from having high blood pressure.
You must believe he has such super natural powers.


No, he’ll just eliminate your health insurance so you can’t go to the doctor.

What you don’t know can’t hurt you, so no tests, no problems.


He fucking well ought to, as much as he’s raised it.


I just checked and one of my blood pressure meds is made in India.


I take blood pressure medicine. One of them is a popular generic for blood pressure - a diuretic. I do not see my regular physician for another 60 days, so I called the physician’s office to get a 60 day refill on one of the meds I take. They sent it over to CVS, but CVS claimed they could not fill it due to my insurance. I told the CVS folks I only had 8 plls left (I had the pill bottle with me), so that was little hard to believe as I have never had a problem before. Finally they said the insurance approved a 30 day refill. I was wondering if this is because they are already experiencing a shortage and both the insurance/pharmacy are putting in their own form of rationing on these meds.


FDA Commissioner Hahn told Congress on Tuesday that his agency had reached out to 180 manufacturers to assess the situation.

Now they’re reaching out? After the shit has already hit the fan? I don’t ever want to hear anyone wanting to drown the government in a bathtub. Because if we had competent governance, if we had people valued for their expertise instead of their loyalty to Trump, this could have and should have been anticipated.

In a well-functioning Administration, we’d already be working on solutions rather than just trying to get a handle on the extent of the problem.

I wonder how this will affect the markets? Isn’t that what’s important, after all?


None of this is an accident or the outcome of impersonal market forces. These are the deliberate choices of American businessmen (and women maybe but mostly men,) who spent a lot of time and their best efforts determining what 's best for thir wallets. Each individual should be subpoenaed before Congress to explain publicly why they chose to source from China, and what happened to the huge savings from all that cheap labor. It sure wan’t passed on to consumers.


Just caught a quick glimpse of Trump being briefed at the CDC with his hands in his pockets and looking at the briefer with a WTF is he talking about look on his face.Hands in pockets don’t want to touch anything.He’s a Germophobe at the Center for Disease Control.OUCH !