Conservatives Spin Mueller Hearings As ‘Disaster’ For Democrats

As former special counsel Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony stretched into the afternoon, President Trump and other conservatives were united in their takeaway: It was a terrible day for Democrats.

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Haha…I believe someone pointed out this morning that Chris Wallace was doing this within like 30 minutes of it all starting…clearly a preplanned narrative attempt.


I believe TPM’s headline misspelled Conservatives Spin Heads Up Own A$$es, Blame Democrats


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Fox Discobot wrote these Con responses 2 weeks ago, and they were placed on the timed release send schedule.


Yes, totally preprogrammed response, and they believe as long as they all say it together that it will magically prevent any of the devastating moments that will be all over CNN from having any effect on the Bubble People and bring Tinkerbell back to life. “Clap if you believe!” --Rudy911


The real disaster was election day 2016.

And it appears that the racist Republican party is fully an arm of the Kremlin.


They have to write it all beforehand and then coordinate because it’s all lies. If everyone just reports the truth of what happened, i.e., observable reality, it only looks coordinated but doesn’t require it beforehand. For the most part, the latter is what the MSM does, and it angers and frustrates the GOPers and looks like a coordinated attack to them because reality has become an existential threat to them.


My outrage fatigue kicked in around 11. I wish I could just tune it out and be as oblivious as most of the country seems to be.


Let me make sure I got this right. Having a former FBI director and special council saying the Donald Trump several times committed obstruction of justice and also that obstruction prevented him from obtaining evidence in regard to conspiracy to steal an American election with a foreign enemy is a disaster for Democrats.

Ya, sure, we can go with that.


Gee, I did nazi that coming…


“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

But will it continue to work when the vessels of delivery are the likes of Giuliani and Screaming Gym Jordan?


Man, these guys are almost as crazy as the R’s asking questions in the hearing. Nunes in particular has lost his mind


They will go with that. And the Chuck Todds of the world will present that as half the story. Maybe more than half.


Bear in mind: Audience of one.


“SchiftySchiff”? Aw, poor Gwumpy Twumpy awl Tweety Weepy.


up is down. black is white. wrong is right. right is stupidity.
I’m with haddockbranzini - except my despair is at 13 (pace Spinal Tap!)


And yet, Mueller feels like must shy away of saying anything that might discredit the President or the AG. He clearly is not a Trump type guy that screams and insults his accusers like Kavanaugh does. (Who by the way never shied from accusing a president).

I guess Mueller is concerned about not being shunned by his white republican friends at the country club.

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Shape of the Earth: Views Differ. Film at 11.

Truth is just a horse race, amirite, media bigwigs?


So…Rudy is admonishing Mueller for “ahs” and pauses and making excuses (“No one could, ah, have known that…placing the HQ for disaster recovery in a building that had been, ah, previously targeted by a terrorist attack…was a bad idea” (not an actual quote)). He seems like the perfect candidate for making that “argument.”

And now it’s “18 angry democrats”? It seems to keep changing (with inflation?).

“Mr. Giuliani, just how many angry democrats are there?”
“There are, ah, there are precisely…57 angry democrats, Wolf.”