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Public health officials agree: coronavirus’ spread is no longer a matter of if but when. The only question now is, how bad is it going to get? The answer will rest on the efficacy of the government’s response, its ability to get resources where they need to be, keep the public informed and react quickly to new developments. The bad news? We have a president whose team is uniquely ill-suited to lead this process. The good news, however, is the government is larger than the executive.

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Congressional Democrats Exhibit Symptoms Of A Spinelessness Pandemic

Whoever wrote this headline certainly did not do the author any favors!


Time and time again, Democrats have failed to exploit Trump’s contempt for regular people. They have passed up nearly every opportunity to highlight the ways, big and small, that he is making life worse for everyone but a small, wealthy elite.

Interesting question.

Could the House change the map by exercising its oversight powers more aggressively?


The article addresses exceptionally valid points, that if implemented, will set off all the RWNJ’s, whining about DEM’s “politicizing” the crisis. These are the sad twisted times we live in.

Thanks Donnie, Yertle, and Lindsey.


Yes Congressional Democrats are spineless. They have forgotten that they really work for us. On the bright side they are trying to serve their Corporate paymasters to the best of their ability. If the Corporations and the billionaires are hurt enough they will respond forcefully.


Why is it that when the Republicans do bad things, it’s the Democrat’s fault?


This doesn’t sound like they’ve forgotten us, now does it.

This has led to House Democrats decrying McConnell’s so-called “legislative graveyard,” a moniker the Senate majority leader has proudly adopted. McConnell calls himself the “grim reaper” of Democratic legislation he derides as socialist, but many of the bills that never see the Senate floor are bipartisan issues, like a universal background check bill, net neutrality, and reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.

“From raising the minimum wage to ensuring equal pay, we have passed legislation to raise wages. And we have passed legislation to protect and expand health coverage and bring down prescription drug prices,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said in a statement to Vox. “We continue to urge Senator McConnell to take up our bills, many of which are bipartisan.”

@1gg Yes, you would think all of Congress was comprised of democrats.


That and there’s no incentive for anyone in the administration to show up if called. The administration has and will continue to block damaging testimony and thanks to Senate Republicans, there ain’t jack shit we can do about it.


A simple question from Dem’s in the house and senate could be what plans does this WH and the GOP have to cover the costs to Americans for COVID-19 medical costs? Does my private employer provided healthcare mean that I will have out of pocket medical costs? How much? Am I forced to pay these bills if I am forced into quarentine?

My understanding is that SCOTUS is about to hear a case involving Obamacare/ACA and whether it can continue to exists for Americans. My understanding is that the WH and DOJ have agreed to be a part advocating for Obamacare/ACA demise. I would assume that should that ruling come to pass, this WH and the GOP have current plans in place to ensure all of those Americans can still gain affordable coverage that will not leave them struggling with medical debt or worse getting ill from COVID-19 and having to foot the bill themselves without insurance that the WH and GOP took away.

Name one effort that the GOP or this WH has done to make medical costs go down for Americans?


Same writer also published this, condemning the administration. So, where’s she coming from, who the fuck knows.


Although there is much to agree with in this article, the author ALSO does what every other person does is BLAME THE DEMOCRATS for having won 1/6 of the three branches of governement and not saving the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA from the other 5/6. As hard as the Dems work it is NEVER enough and the media is happy to blame them. The impeachment was too ‘narrow’, Liz didn’t work hard ENOUGH to drill info into your brains, Donnie is a ‘master’, etc etc. Now we have ‘spinelessness’ if we ‘fail to lead’. FFS.


It’s a good day for orange in spite of this crisis that’s going to bite him in the ass. The release of Bolton’s book is being delayed until May and if the Rs maneuver it just right, it may not be released until after the election. It’s time for Dems to subpoena Bolton


1,000 likes are not enough. Blame the Dems who other than the approximately 235 of them who are in House are not running the Federal government. Those Dems in the current Senate are on our side of course, but Acting President McConnell keeps them on a very short lease.


I understand that everyone out there WANTS us to save the day but … headlines and articles like this do not help.


No, that requires a Sharpie in the hands of an expert.


That’s the ticket.

McConnell, Barr, Roberts have been what has kept this man out of jail…

by altering (legal and legislative reality)

which the virus has no intention of following suit.

OT I also attribute an overwhelming responsibility of our situation to Barr. His Deep Sixing of the Mueller Report (written up too early on Barr’s orders) caused incalculable damage.


“Trump’s administration has been preparing to botch this response since the day he took office.”
Nailed it.

And it strikes me that our mainstream national media has itself been preparing to botch this story since long before Trump took office (Hillary’s emails!). In an entirely predictable way, motivated by his usual narcissism, incompetence, and contempt for the public interest, Trump is in effect personally blocking the passageway to an effective response to this crisis. All of this is, again, entirely predictable, and plainly visible. But the only media figures calling it out are not reporters but “opinion” pundits, such as Ms. Eagan here, Greg Sargent (TPM alum!) at the WaPo, and this morning Michelle Goldberg at the Times.

For democracies to fail and give way to authoritarians, democratic institutions must fail to stand up for democracy. Our media is not rising to the occasion here.


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It will be interesting to see what happens when his approval rate falls - and it will. Between the virus and the economy, it is inevitable. What will the treasonous GOP do then?

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Funny thing about projection is that it can be very effective…

You forgot to turn on the snark font.