Concerns Cloud Dems’ Scramble To Salvage Raising Minimum Wage With Workaround

After the Senate parliamentarian dashed Democrats’ hopes of crowbarring a $15 federal minimum wage into the COVID-19 relief package Thursday night, members and their staffs have been scrambling to figure out a way around the ruling. 

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Shame on the parliamentarian.
So, what rule was cited?


I think the moods of tens of millions being lifted greatly outweighs the sorrow of a few thousand who won’t be as filthy rich as they might have been.

Just my opinion.


IMHO, forget taxing bid corporations.

Create some kind of onerous tax on Stock transactions that will be repealed just as soon as a minimum wage bill in passed.




Shame on the filibuster!

It’s the most undemocratic institution we have – with the exception of the Senate, itself.


Harris can overrule the parliamentarian.

Dems will need to get comfortable wielding power if we want to have the accomplishments we need to win in 22 and 24.


That raising the min wage has only an incidental effect on the budget and so cannot be passed via reconciliation


Optics are probably on the side of the bill though — torpedoing a package stuffed with desperately needed COVID-19 aid would be a tough political pill for even a discontented lawmaker to swallow.

No probably about it. It’s early days, and this is certainly not over.


The proposal, while still being written and negotiated, only currently punishes “big corporations” that don’t raise the wage, a term that is as yet undefined.

And meanwhile COVID relief is being held up…


It would be so nice if people on the GOP side would just vote in the interest of their constituents. Then we wouldn’t need to go to these lengths to try to help people–using budget reconciliation to pass the ACA, now again for Covid relief combined with having to overrule the parliamentarian–for Covid relief! Are these a$$holes really against the bulk of this bill despite its overwhelming popularity with the voters?

We hate it when the GOPers resort to stunts and thus break all the norms and unwritten rules of the Senate. They just do it to be dicks. Then when we do it to actually help people they decry the breakdown of that august institution that used to be the US Senate.

It is freakin’ exhausting.


Weyden knows well that these horror predictions of business closures (large and small businesses) when Oregon adopted the $15 minimum wage did NOT happen…


They haven’t even written the minimum wage add-on and meanwhile covid-relief itself is being held up over this unrelated tacked-on item. What will cause dems to fail is they can’t even push out basic covid relief in timely manner without getting side-tracked

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The “workaround” is the same as it is for every other goddamn thing. Get rid of the filibuster and pass your agenda in logical, coherent bills instead of shoe-horning it all into a huge, one-shot reconciliation bill that requires Houdini-like contortions to get by the parliamentarian.

I know…Manchin.


NOW WE’RE GETTING SOMEWHERE. THIS is the whole point. This right here. This all comes back to a simple principle: money is fungible.

Corporations that report record profits and pay owners and execs ridiculous amounts of money, all while paying their employees sub-subsistence wages, forcing them to live on public assistance, ARE SUBSIDIZING THEIR PROFITS ON THE BACKS OF THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER BY USING THEIR EMPLOYEES AS A PASS-THROUGH.

Every. Red. Fucking. Cent. Of. That. Public. Assistance. Is. A. Corporate. Subsidy.

We need to just set the standard and let them choose: meet it or pay it back.

It IS that simple. You don’t get to gain yourself a corporate subsidy by end-run fiat simply by abusing the system. No no. We will take it back out of your hide with interest.



You would think that concept would attract R’s. Either pay a living wage or pay the government for having to support them. No product, good, or service needs to be offered if built on poverty wages and if the business can’t survive they need to rethink their business plan.


No end in sight. Krugman is somewhat hopeful that “dissonance” will sort things out. But he’s wrong.

PK: "Who’s the face of Republican opposition to the American Rescue Plan? Nobody comes to mind.

Put it this way: Republicans appear to be losing the economic argument in part because they aren’t even bothering to show up."

Republicans in Congress know that the 74 million Republicans who voted for Trump do not do logic and reason when it comes to politics, none whatsoever. So there is no downside to not even bothering to show up.

PK: “But it has to involve a lot of cognitive dissonance; surely it can’t be sustainable over the years ahead.”

Oh yes it can – as you are going to see. As with logic and reason, Republicans do not do dissonance: their brains (loosely speaking) just do not have a capacity for dissonance; it is almost a requirement in order to be a Republican. So “dissonance collapses” is not a useful concept here.


This should be at least 50% of our poliical coverage until we pass this Bill…a sizable remainder dealing with what we call “news” and a tiny bit dealing with the rest

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As I posted in another thread

While I think some of what my Sr. Senator Ron Wyden is proposing as a “plan B” (a sort of tax code incentive/penalty combo to force companies to increase their individual pay rates to a target rate) is interesting and could help some, I think that is an ugly workaround that complicates the “solution”, is incomplete, and gains nothing on the political front. Sort of like Obama’s “tax holiday” worked but didn’t do anything for anyone politically and actually boomeranged on Obama for not being big enough and most people didn’t even notice it happened.


I don’t think it’s incidental unless there is minimal tax revenue obtained from it. Consider that the recipient of the new minimum wage is going to earn more money. He might actually have to pay more in federal taxes on his 1040. That impacts the budget.

The Democrats should push the minimum wage in any way they can. Let all voters know this. Why? Because there’s a hell of a lot more minimum wage voters out there than the employers that pay them. Convince the minimum wage voters that they need to, y’know, VOTE.

Pass the minimum wage increase to $15/hr through the House. Let the GOP kill it in the Senate. Then try it again, wash, rinse, repeat. And use all that time to talk over the airwaves and internet to everyone out there that would like to have a raise. Get them to rattle the chains of their GOP Senators. Make it a populist demand.