Climate Crisis Is On Track To Push One-Third Of Humanity Out Of Its Most Livable Environment

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The solution is to have more babies. And tax cuts.


Yeah, that’s the ticket for the show that Republicans are trying to perform.


New South Korean study. Turns out carbon deposition is a huge driver, yet coal-burning and forest-burning continues unchecked. All so you can buy plastic at Walmart.

The Arctic Ocean will lose all summer sea ice in the coming decades, even if humans drastically cut carbon emissions…


Preferably American babies or even better UAE babies. At 24 tons of carbon a year for the American kid and nearly 50 tons for the UAE kid, we can quickly exhaust the remaining carbon budget just to hit the 2 degree C threshold. The carbon clock has calculated that we have 23 years left, but this suggests we hit the wall ten years earlier. Why does anybody bother to go to school any more? You just wind up with venal political classes in every country. Isn’t it more important to know what’s happening on Love Island or how those new Apple goggles work?


Here on the East Coast of the USA right now, visibility is about half a mile due to smoke from Canadian wild fires a thousand miles away. But nothing to worry about! Carry on.


Probable 2070 headline: “No One Could Have Predicted…”


Is this all that’s botherin’ ya, bunky?


“Arctic Ocean will lose all summer sea ice”
Refered to as BOE, (Blue Ocean Event).
There is already enough latent heat in the Arctic Ocean to melt the ice. The “fresh water lense” on top is preventing that now. But that is not going to last much longer. The Arctic Ocean sea ice was a solid slab once. Now it’s like crushed ice.
Weather patterns this year have resulted in record transport of that ice through the Fram Straight between Greenland and Svalbard.
BOE is inevitable as is the global climate disruptions that will result. If you think the weather has been crazy lately just wait for BOE.
“Will be wild”.


So Calif smog was as bad as Victorian England.
The Air Quality Mgmt Distr did a good job of cleaning the air.
Gradually, this industry or that lobbied to loosen this reg or that one, chipping away at protections.
The dystopian novel of the earth is writing itself.


I can’t believe you forgot unlimited oil-drilling in the Arctic.
Get on the team.


And guns! More guns, more and more guns!

Come on, people.


I saw this article a month ago. It is predicting what 2070 will look like. We thrive at a mean temperature of 55 degrees F. it says. If that’s the baseline for this study no wonder it is is predicting awful outcomes. My emissions over a lifetime is going to push one Indian in 2070 out of the comfort zone. Hard to believe.


We have a government would help us do what we know we need to do if government by and for the people weren’t such a quaint idea.

This year’s Siberian summer is a clue that we will not just be able to move our farms notrh and continue producing that food thingy. Sigh.


Just want to mention that the wildfires in central Québec are making my life in Toronto very uncomfortable. I have a light case of asthma. I don’t usually need inhalers but my breathing has gotten progressively worse in the last two days. This has never happened before. I can actually smell wood smoke in the air.

Climate change? What climate change.

lol the irony is this; I’m taking a train to Montréal tomorrow. Apparently it’s worse there with smog included in the mix. I’m taking masks to help. If you don’t hear from me again at least you’ll know why. :sweat_smile:


Thank you for the new terminology!

I can report from Finland today we’re almost over the cold spell part. Unfortunately, this movie has been shown now since the early 2000s and every year since 2010 when the polar vortex breaks up between December and January. Now we wait for the hot, the drought, the lack of tree sap, the opportunistic borers, fires, etc. the whole cycle. And Canadians are surprised by this? In any case, people in higher latitudes see climate disruption effects daily due to polar amplification.

You’d think that the loss of most multi-year ice, which is critical for albedo and many arctic species’ survival, would somehow be worth more attention. It’s the old lead a horse to water problem. Perhaps we start with basics like the ocean, every first year high school student should have to do a scuba course, and then taken for a week of diving, like scout camp. For most people, it is the first time that they can move freely in 3D space, and being in the ocean wakes them up to its vastness and fragilities (e.g. acidification). I know this is a massive legal liability issue, but then somehow America figured out how to give 16-year-olds driver’s licenses. Arctic dives would likely be a university course and much more restricted, but imagine for example how different our debate would be if all the political correspondents on tv were expert arctic/antarctic divers.


I’m not sure if there’s enough topsoil for Arctic farming and even if there were, your growing season would be awfully short given the lack of sunlight. And of course, digging up the topsoil releases CH4, so it’s a win, win! Just don’t light up a cigarette when running the plow.

A dramatic decline of the human population is the only way forward.


I’m sure you wear an N95 mask. You might need to keep it on throughout the summer or until the fires subside.

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I used a cloth mask with two filters during the height of COVID and started again yesterday when I was outside. I have a feeling you are right about needing it all summer.

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I think that will happen this decade. It was predicted to happen already, but so far it hasn’t. But yeah, it’s a slushie and has been for a while.