Classified To Whom? Questions Swirl Around Classified Docs At Mar-a-Lago - TPM – Talking Points Memo

A set of questions is coming into clearer view following the FBI searches at Mar-a-Lago on Monday: Were there classified records at former President Donald Trump’s residence? And, if so, what were they?

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Kash Patel advises continued investigation and indictments then prison when criminals have been caught. Kash Patel says give the investigators more time. I agree.


I assume he’s also already put them on “double-secret probation”?! :smirk: :scream: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :mask:

…Trump had already decided that the materials were neither classified nor presidential records.

Oh, and FIRST!?!


To me there are three issues with the former guys supposed defense. The first issue is that while he has the right to declassify what he wants, he has to do that while President. He can’t say after the fact that the documents he stole were declassified. He must indicate that there was a recorded, if it’s verbal it had to be taped, indication that it was declassified while he had the power to do so to win that argument. The second big problem with that argument is that if it is true, why doesn’t he just produce a list of what documents were there, what they said, and why he felt the need to declassify them. The third issue is that if they were declassified, and it was determined that they were declassified within the law, and it is information that is vital that remain classified and kept away from our enemies, then Trump is confessing to treason.


Trump and his supporters can try to distract as much as they like, but as far as I know, he still hasn’t released the search warrant - a very easy thing for him to do if he so choose. And he’s chosen not to.

Secondly, we’re hearing from just about everyone but the people actually in the know - the DoJ and FBI - as it should be. An important point to keep in mind as informed pundits and blowhards alike regale us with their points of view.


Lets see if Trump didn’t not declassify the target and firing sequence of American ICBMs…I am sure it’s going to be interesting FOIA reading.


I’m pretty sure there are public defenders who could do better than this.


By the way when is lazy-ass John Durham going to start investigating the investigators behind the Pestilent’s shithole raid?


Of course

For the past several months, Trump and those around him have thrown up various forms of chaff…

It looks like Chiselin’ Trump managed to keep it in, though. Just barely.


Too clever a defense by half - the issue is that he stole documents from the Whitehouse. He tried to delete the tapes. The classification level of those documents is an irrelevant strawman, especially if the documents being loose still presents a threat to national security.


FAAFO, Donnie boy…


Some folks got jowels… this is like a face udder.
He’s an udder-face.


Trump proved to some of us ie…rational individuals that felt like he could do anything he wanted as president and afterwards as well. Laws be dammed.


Trump’s position is complete B.S.

A former president does not have authority to either declassify documents after his term is over or to store said documents permanently in his home. My guess is that the documents were also not stored in a way that is required of T.S. documents (though, Trump may have been so fearful of what might get out, they may be locked in a safe, and not with any concern on his part for national security).


When Joe Biden updates his mandate.
That’ll be any day now, right?

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“God wins?!?!!” When did He join the DOJ?


“I have found this contraband on the premises!”
“This is a ham sandwich…”
“Uh…whatever did I give the wife?”


So, he’s saying Donnie could put the documents in a hollowed pumpkin in a pumpkin field where an FSB agent could, later, be arrested trying to retrieve them and there’d be no harm, no foul, 'cause, swear to God, he declared them unclassified, in front of his partisans, before he set out for his evenings golf cart drive?


The course catalog for California Western School of Law lists this as an introduction to Conspiracy Theory.