CDC Comes Around To Issuing Guidance For What The Vaccinated Can Do | Talking Points Memo

Amid mounting criticism that guidance around what the COVID-19 vaccines allow people to do once inoculated was unclear, the Centers for Disease Control has released new recommendations for what freedoms the shots should allow. 

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As none of the vaccines are 100% effective, doesn’t it make sense to still wear masks even if you are fully vaccinated? At least til we get closer to herd immunity?

I also wonder how many anti-vaxxers are going to lie about being vaccinated.


Somewhat off topic:

They look like some creepy families out of the Shirley Jackson novel the Lottery or something by Steven King.


I did Nazi that coming. What next, book-burning?


The “I WILL NOT SELF-SUFFOCATE” sign does not alleviate any of the creepiness.


This part is not helpful:

The guidelines also stipulate that the fully vaccinated can visit with non-vaccinated people without adhering to mask-wearing or social distancing so long as the unvaccinated are at low risk of severe COVID-19 and are socially distancing in other contexts.

That’s going to be seen as a license to forego wearing a mask under just about any circumstance short of visiting an unvaccinated elderly relative. Among other things, it’s going to make it very hard on restaurants who try to continue enforcing masks when not actually eating or drinking. And of course it gives an excuse for governors to further reduce or abandon any restrictions on masks.

What they should have done (IMO) is tie that recommendation to the percentage of confirmed cases to population in each different area.


I take it that these Idahoans oppose social distancing of six feet but for years were ok with a wide stance.


These guidelines assume no “unknown unknowns”.
That is a dangerous assumption.


Seeing a child burning a mask puts me in mind of the Westboro Baptist Church and brings a tear to my eyes thinking how someone can teach their children to hate long before they understand why they hate.


My mom is in assisted living in Virginia and the facility won’t let us even get within 6 feet of her even though her final inoculation was Valentines Day because, as they tell me repeatedly, they’re following guidance from the CDC. Now I can try and work on getting them to allow me to give her a hug. Even though I have been vaccinated and will be 2 weeks past my second shot this Thursday, I’ve fine continuing to mask up as long as we can get close. She’s very hard of hearing and being distant makes it all the more difficult.


This isn’t going to stop the people who will continue to wear a mask from being harassed or bullied. There will be those who see still wearing a mask as an affront to their sensibilities.
There’s a Frank Burns quote that always stuck with me, here’s the paraphrase of the dialogue.
Hawkey: “Frank what about individuality?”
Frank: “I’m all for individuality, but why can’t we all do the same thing the same way?”


She will when she’s dying of COVID.




Yeah, I’m wondering about that. My wife and I are planning a short “vaccication” car trip later in the month, which will be two weeks after our second vaccination shot. Mainly to drop off a musical instrument for repair, but also just to get the hell out of the house for once.

We’re both planning to wear masks in social situations until probably well into the Summer. We’ll be traveling from our very liberal corner of WA state through the more conservative Eastern half of WA, a short bit of Idaho, and into northwestern Montana on the car trip. It will be interesting to see if we get any hostile reactions to wearing masks. Some of these places are probably desperate for tourism of any kind, so maybe they won’t be as hostile to masks as some Midwest and Southern “Trump heartland” areas.


From a public health standpoint, it presents a dilemma: those most likely to transmit the virus need an incentive to receive the vaccine in order to protect the most vulnerable. But at the same time, it remains unclear how effective the vaccines are at stopping transmission.

Not seeing this as a dilemma. Get vaccinated to protect yourself.


This is so insane. When mask mandates were issued there were many, many people who refused to wear them, tried to claim that they had a medical excuse for not wearing a mask, and it was all BS. Their words and actions spoke of “don’t tell me what I can or can’t do”, and I guarantee that these are the same people that demand that if POC just followed the police officer’s orders then they wouldn’t get shot.


Did the article miss posting a link to the actual guidelines or are they not out yet?

"The remaining cohorts of the population left to receive the shot are also those who have been driving transmission through much of the pandemic: the young and those without pre-existing conditions. "

Young People Season is upon us, time to armor up.

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What can’t they do? Is she intimating that the vaccinated are somehow more extraordinary than the unvaccinated? I haven’t been vaccinated yet, yet in my own mind I’m pretty special.

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