BuzzFeed Buying HuffPost In Surprising Media Move | Talking Points Memo

BuzzFeed is buying HuffPost from Verizon as part of a bigger deal that has the wireless giant investing in the digital-media company.

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Maybe it’s just me, but this is a total yawn. It’s been almost forever since I read HuffPost, and I’m really not into BuzzFeed’s listings/offerings. I’d rather spend time looking at serious news and not tabloid stuff.

Now, if you give me a news article about the total demolition of Fox News or Breitbart or the Reich-Wing Propaganda Source Du Jour, then I’ll read that.

OT but I have to share

I read HuffPost regularly. For me, it supplements TPM. HuffPost often covers events that TPM does not, for example, probably because HuffPost has more staff.

There seems to be no commenting on HuffPost, so I save comments for TPM, for the 3 or 4 people who will read them. What an audience! And, of course, I read TPM for the analyses of events by the Editors.

What Buzzfeed will do with HuffPost is hard to guess. Maybe nothing.

What does Arianna Huffington have to say about this? Have any reporters asked her? I suppose she cashed out long ago. As I remember, HuffPost mostly relied in its early days on unpaid volunteers. Some of them should get a piece of this pie, perhaps.