Burr Breaks From Trump And Graham, Says Whistleblower Shouldn’t Be Exposed

On Thursday, Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr (R-NC) said the whistleblower who sparked the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump should stay anonymous to the public.

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Just a reminder, Sen Burr is the Devin Nunes of the senate…
He has been a WH informant again and again per Mueller Report!

Talk is cheap…Only in his actions will Burr prove if he can walk the talk!


Burr got an anonymous call reminding him of the actual law.


Cue walkback of his remarks in 3…2…


Far from it. His committee actually produced a report confirming Russian interference on behalf of trump.

He is not up for reelection until 2022, and I strongly suspect he will be a vote to convict trump at the end of this all. and P.s. when he ran in 2016 he promised this would be his last term…

He is going to keep his powder dry, but so far has been (after Romney and murkowski) behaved perhaps the next most honestly of the republicans. Yes, low Barr, I know, but let’s at least acknowledge what he has actually done.


See, the thing is, he’s already been exposed, hasn’t he? This has put this man and his family in danger.

Republican hypocrites. Redundant, that.


Yep, Google lists articles it thinks I will like and the list is filled with Fox News and Washington Examiner dreck. The Examiner has a name right in the headline of a story. Shameful.


while Graham, the President’s top defender in the Senate, has vowed to force the whistleblower to testify publicly in front of his committee.

For my money, this may be the lowest point Graham has sunk to. He has become the male version of Kellyanne Conway in the Senate.


Worse. Conway never pretended to be anything but a flack for hire. Graham used to have pretentions of being an honorable man. I have seldom agreed with his conservative positions, but there was a time when he appeared to care about the country, even if his vision for it wasn’t the same as mine. Now he has sunk lower than I could ever have imagined he would. Conway has always been openly mendacious.


When he was close to McCain, he imitated mcCain’s morals. Now that he is close to Trump, he imitates Trump. A parrot with a Southern accent.


I thought Kellyanne Conway was the male version of Kellyanne Conway?
Mz. Lindsey would be more comfortable as the female version.




Savage. :+1:


Hey, who put this Burr in Trump’s saddle?


the whistleblower who sparked the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump should stay anonymous to the public.

Absolutely, otherwise we’re going to have everyone and their Aunt Sally “secretly” spilling some beans so they can market themselves when they’re “exposed”. GASP! Might even make it to the front page of the supermarket tabloids. Whatever will their agents say?

Supermarket tabloids… “The Big Time” of shyster Republicans. Next to “hosting” beauty pageants ; - )

Follow the law, Republicans. Who the person is is not relevant.

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Very OT but, really, is anyone surprised? Anyone? Bueller?


I’m surprised he isn’t talking about doing a reality show while he’s still in the White House.


Lindsey wants a cracker, y’all. Braack!


From elimination:

Help, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Prison!

To documentary:

1,000 Days in Solitary

To slapstick:

Picking up Liquid Soap in the communal showers

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I guess the good news about this is that it might take his attention away from attempts to stay president after his second term, if he (please, God, no!) gets reelected in 2020. I wouldn’t put it past him to try to stay in office indefinitely by corrupt means, with the collusion of Putin. (Massive hacking of voting machines. Oh no! Election must be voided! That kind of thing.)

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