Bolton Protested Ukraine Pressure Campaign, Called Giuliani A ‘Hand Grenade’

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton asked White House aide Fiona Hill to help distance him from the Ukraine pressure campaign during her testimony before House investigators Monday, the New York Times reported.

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Nuclear Warhead to Hand Grenade: “Kettle, nice to meet you. I’m the Pot.”


tRump is now saying Bolton is out to get him… I would never have predicted this would happen… tRump is definitely loosing it more and more by the day


Bolton referred to Giuliani as a “hand grenade who’s going to blow everybody up” during an earlier conversation.

Who does TRump regret the most - Rudy or Bolton?


This shows how crazy and incompetent Trump and his advisors are when they are too nuts for Bolton. I expect he will be called to testify before at least one of the House committees before this is over.


Trump has shit on so many people …and is shocked, shocked I tell you when they pick up a handful and throw it back.
Watch the cascade , Its all about self preservation
More like this:
“I saw Trump do __________, but I certainly wasn’t a part of it”


WSJ is slamming a Trump on Syria.

What a fi­asco. For­eign-pol­icy blun­ders of­ten take months or years to re­veal their dam­ag­ing con­se­quences, but the harm from Pres­i­dent Trump’s abrupt with-drawal of U.S. forces from north­ern Syria is play­ing out al­most in real time…

Mr. Trump is also mak­ing mat­ters worse with his un­se­ri­ous jus­ti­fi­ca­tions. “Af­ter de­feat­ing 100% of the ISIS Caliphate, I largely moved our troops out of Syria. Let Syria and As­sad pro­tect the Kurds and fight Tur­key for their own land,” he tweeted Mon­day. “Any­one who wants to as­sist Syria in pro­tect­ing the Kurds is good with me, whether it is Rus­sia, China, or Napoleon Bona­parte. I hope they all do great, we are 7,000 miles away!”

We sup­pose the Napoleon line was a joke, but the world is laugh­ing at an Amer­i­can Pres­i­dent. Mr. Trump was able to project an im­age of strength in his early days as he pros­e­cuted the war against ISIS and used force to im­pose a cost on Mr. As­sad for us­ing chem­i­cal weapons. But that im­age has faded as he has in­dulged his in­ner Rand Paul and claims at every op­por­tu-nity that the main goal of his for­eign pol­icy is to put an end to “end­less wars.”…

By now it’s not un­rea­son­able to con­clude that Mr. Trump’s for­eign pol­icy can be dis­tilled into two tac­tics—sanc­tions and tar­iffs. Mr. Trump wields them willy-nilly against friend and foe alike as sub­sti­tutes for diplo­macy and the cred­i­ble threat of mil­i­tary force.

Mr. Trump won’t like to hear it, but the Syr­ian mess is hurt­ing him at home too. Re­pub­li­cans who have stood by him through the Rus­sia fight and more are ques­tion­ing his judg­ment as Com­man­der in Chief in an in­creas­ingly dan­ger­ous world. With im­peach­ment loom­ing, he can’t af­ford to alien­ate more friends.


C’mere and let me plant a big smacker right on your mustache, you curmudgeonly chickenhawk. A statement like that coming from a person like you is pure gold. It’s a “Have you left no sense of decency?” moment that defines a situation. Mmmmmmmwah!


Enjoying the circular firing squad.


You know an administration has gone off the rails when John Bolton is the voice of reason.

This story is growing. I thought it was confined to Trump and Giuliani and his henchmen (handlers.) Then Pompeo and Perry were added to the mix. The cast of characters now includes Mulvaney. This wasn’t some side hustle. it seems US foreign policy has been completely subverted to serve Trump’s financial and political interests.

As somebody once said, everything Trump touches dies.


Now the real reason for the Bolton firing comes out.


Surely not by chance that the ad image of two rats side-by-side peering from a hole is embedded in the Rawstory link.

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“People in the room took the comments to refer to an investigation that could implicate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, the people said. Both Ms. Hill and Mr. Bolton left the meeting with concerns about what had transpired, and Ms. Hill said Mr. Bolton instructed her to talk to NSC lawyer John Eisenberg,” the newspaper’s sources said.

“Sondland also appeared to be coordinating his efforts with acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, Ms. Hill testified, the people said. The White House didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment,” The Journal noted.


Stealing one Seth Masket’s joke, because I can’t improve upon it.
Genie: “You still have one wish left.” Me: “Come up with a scandal so awful that John Bolton is actually the hero.” Genie: “You’re one sick bastard, but okay."


Looks like the Russians are enjoying the moment. (via Political Wire comment)

Twitter of Russians now on the base Trump abandoned…

Yroslav Trofimov@yarotrof
2h2 hours ago
“Iran and Russia are the dominant foreign powers now. They will dictate terms in this region. Things have really changed.” Beautifully written last dispatch from the Kurdish autonomy in northern Syria.


As they say
Ongoing criminal conspiracy
Makes the Watergate crew look like a bunch of pikers.
Waddyamean they didn’t make any money off the crime? Amateurs


Shorter Bolton:

As I read the headline and then the story, I was torn between being appalled that Bolton might end up being a voice of decency and wondering if this is part of the gas-lighting. If it is gas-lighting, it is much more sophisticated than the previous examples that have come from this bunch.


The former national security adviser—who departed the administration last month on awful, mutually bitter terms—is working on a book about his time serving Trump, and has “a lot to dish,” one knowledgeable source noted.

No hamberders on Bolton’s menu. Sad.


Who would have predicted that joker would be the one to approximate integrity?