Bloomberg Endorsed By Black Lawmakers | Talking Points Memo

Amid scrutiny over audio from a 2015 speech in Colorado defending his controversial stop and frisk police policy, Michael Bloomberg announced endorsements from three members of the Congressional Black Caucus Wednesday.

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Good for him.

Does not erase previous actions but could mitigate.


Not one of my top choices but Bloomberg definitely has street cred on the gun control issue, so Rep. McBath’s support is completely understandable.


I’m still not impressed. If he were sincerely sorry, he would provide restitution to the thousands of POC who suffered the stigmatization of Stop & Frisk. Anyone who was on the receiving end of NYPD abuse, and who’s complaints and grievances about it were ignored should get some kind of settlement right out of Mike’s multi-billion deep pockets.

If he comes across with actions and not just empty words, then I’d give him a look. Until then, he’s just another rich white man who’s looking out for #1.


This seems a bit premature, and may end up backfiring on them.

Bloomie has yet to receive a single vote.


Lets just say that after the past two weeks of Trumpocalypse and two ridiculously unrepresentative “delegate allocation activities”, I’m broadening my range of viable alternatives.


Oh for crissakes just stop.


He doesn’t have to. Yet.

At the same time, Sanders voted against a bill that would have “demilitarized” the police. The Local Government Law Enforcement Block Grants Act of 1995, sponsored by Rep. Bill McCollum (R-Florida), called for establishing drug courts and prohibited local governments from purchasing tanks or armored personnel carriers.


On account of the ongoing Democratic Party civil war, I’m just waiting to see what happens next.

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It doesn’t help that he’s being a complete coward by avoiding the debates

Has Bloomberg qualified for any debates? Under the new rules he should qualify for the next one, but I don’t believe he has for the previous.


The execution of a mentally impaired Ricky Ray Rector signed by governor Clinton during the 1992 campaign didn’t put a dent in his support, however barbaric it might have improved his standing even with Black voters.
As Jack Newfield said at the time “Ricky Ray Rector died for Willie Hortons sins”.

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I don’t expect him to show up. The whole point of him self-funding was to abuse a loophole in the requirements so he wouldn’t have to show up and avoid tough questions.

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So all of his debate practice is for the general against Trump. Got it.

The general debates will not convince anyone. It will be the ultimate example of preaching to the choir. If Trump even bothers to show up

I agree. I don’t see any upside for Trump to take part.

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It was among Bill Clinton’s most disgusting acts.

Supporting Joe Biden’s 1994 “crime bill” was pretty bad, too.

The former can be said to have “worked”; while the latter merely played into Newt Gingrich’s hands.


Yes, Jack was not a fan. He once called Hillary Clinton “the Leona Helmsley of the Ozarks" – and this after pointing out that even Dick Morris had long ago found her to be lacking in political skill and maybe even moral sensitivity.

People forget.


Bloomberg did not qualify for previous debates. He still may not qualify for future debates- requires 10-12% in polls.

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He won’t show up.