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President Joe Biden and Russian president Vladimir Putin will not hold a joint news conference after the two leaders meet in Geneva next week, a White House official said.

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Hey Putin you want Fame?

Seriously, dude you’ve want to run with the big dogs, then you have to play nice. And what do you have to offer to the West?


I hope Joe eats his liver with fava beans and a nice chianti.


Why don’t they just use Putin’s stooges?

T****,Yertle, Miz Linda could be his three amigos for a Russian PR blitz

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I remember the photo of the former guy walking behind Putin, hunched over and looking shell-shocked at Helsinki. I finally felt there was confirmation that Putin had him in his pocket.


Thanks, TPM, for posting JF’s letter on China. The discussion mentions that China is more powerful than Russia, and that’s worth amplifying. Russia borders North Korea, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia. Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, and Estonia, Finland, Norway, and abuts the territorial waters of Japan and the US. Of those countries, it only has excellent relations with Belarus. Otherwise, the tendency is to bully smaller states and leave China alone, Russia’s long-standing Manchu Policy. Indeed, China, while hungry for Russian commodities, doesn’t look to Russia for bigger ideas. It is a flea with an economy on par with Italy’s in size, but far less diversified. For Biden not to take the stage with Putin is a mistake. Sure, Putin can throw a few barbs, but what a great opportunity to call him out on Navalny, and compare the failed responses of both countries to Covid if Putin wants to bring up Trump.


Not so sure it’s a mistake. Freezing him out, not letting him set himself up as an equal player when he’s clearly just a spoiler, also sends a message. Putin loves show, and I am sure that this is a calculated move by the Biden State Dept. to let him know that there are consequences for bad behavior.


“We expect this meeting to be candid and straightforward, and a solo press conference is the appropriate format to clearly communicate with the free press the topics that were raised in the meeting — both in terms of areas where we may agree and in areas where we have significant concerns,” the official told reporters.

“Candid and straightforward” is diplo-speak for “we are going to read the S.O.B the Riot Act”.


If so, they are about a decade late to the party. Should have done that in 2012 before or at the time of the siloviki purge of neoliberal factions in Russia, which set the stage for the aggressions in Ukraine and the mess in Syria. Hearing Blinken complain about Russian gas transmission pipelines such as NordStream 2 to Germany misses the bigger picture that European gas consumption is barely rising if at all, and Russia was late to the LNG game. Russia’s weird obsession and inability to become a “normal” country stems from its backwardness and the insecurities that come with it.

Re: Reading the SOB the Riot Act. That was exactly Blinken’s play out of the gate when he met with the Chinese. Everybody sees that coming, especially Russia. Last week, for example, finance minister Siluanov announced that Russia was dumping all its liquid dollar assets in its sovereign wealth fund for assets in other currencies such as euro, yuan and yen, because they expect more sanctions are coming from the Americans.


I am hoping Biden threatens to turn Putin into a pauper by banning direct exports of any fossil fuels from the Federation to the West, AND tells him if he can’t get his hackers under control, Biden will sever all the fiber connecting Russia to the web.

He should also offer Ukraine about 50 MQ-1 Gray Hawks equipped with Hellfires for use against “all Eastern threats” with no limits on radius of action. That will keep Putin up nights and stationed in a hooch east of Moscow until the Russians leave the Crimea.

Putin, like most authoritarian assholes, is a small, insecure chickenshit who is in way over his head.


Military speaking, a flea is the last thing I’d call them. They have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. They’ve had a multi decade head start in many areas with China. Both nuclear and space. Bio-weapons and top notch military equipment also. If you remember, they beat us into space. Their Sputnik vaccine from what I’ve read is better than what China has produced so far. But that’s based on limited studies and data. And Brazil was not impressed with it.

Putin is a chess player, his moves are carefully calculated. He knew he could invade Georgia and the US wouldn’t be able to do anything except whine about it. Same with Crimea. Actually, in the South China Sea, China is following Putin’s lead. Only in a slower more deliberate manner.

Every one of their neighbors you mentioned won’t want to mess with Russia under Putin. NATO or not. If we try to outflank him militarily, he will see it coming and make a counter move. And then dare us to do anything about it.

Russia does depend on oil, and that may or may not work out longer term. But they are excellent at building military equipment and will expand their sales while undercutting and stealing some of our old customers. Until the SpaceX Crew Dragon, we were using Russia’s shuttle to get back and forth to the SS.

China will eventually pass Russia and America in many areas, economy included.


So bully the neighborhood bully. Aside from Belarus, which has its own problems, who would such bullying impress? Again, Putin knows this is coming but he also enjoys a “second-best” governability equilibrium that Trump and Bannon envied so much they wanted it for the US. Putin has been degraded before, when he was still in St. Petersburg politics in the 1990s. He nearly went to jail and lost his race for a Duma seat. Like when George W. Bush lost his first election in Texas, Putin swore he would never let that happen again. We’ve had sanctions in place since 2014. The EU also renews its sanctions every six months. Russia is a highly corrupt petrostate that has failed to diversify its economy. Also, “chickenshit” is a common State Department appellation for a two-bit punk. That’s what they called Bibi in 2014, and it still took 6 years to get rid of him. Putin, as an autocrat, has to expect to die in office with his boots on, which in itself it is stressful and paranoia inducing. If you want a fun press conference, Biden could bring up what he plans to do in retirement at the end of his second term. That would send Putin over the edge.


I am looking forward to the traditional post-Russia summit news conference where the American president spends the bulk of his time re-litigating the election and complaining that the media is perpetuating the greatest hoax in history.


So dueling press conferences at a 100 paces? I’ll take that over another Helsinki every time.

It suggests Biden’s there to express extreme displeasure with Putin, to say the least, and expects significant disagreements. You just don’t do joint press conferences after that sort of meeting.

Tell me again who’s weak. Biden or the guy still coddling a murderous dictator and dissing our Intelligence services. Who knows? Maybe the former guy will be attending Putin’s press conference. The dog whistle is loud and the dog chain clearly visible.



It is regrettable Jonathan Schell is no longer with us to remind governments of the uselessness of nukes. It is true that the Cold War caused Russia to emphasize math and physics, leading to some pretty cool stuff. The tokamak fusion reactor is still the leading fusion reactor design and could be commonplace within two decades. I also remember Ken Alibek’s memoirs of his time at Biopreparat.


But…but…who’s gonna lick Putin’s balls? Is Vlad gonna have to fly all the way to Mar-A-LardAss?


He made big bucks…
Hyping a pillow…
Made friends with Trump…
Now he will owe.
Burma Shave


Yes, but that interest predates the Cold War. three centuries ago, the Russian Academy of Sciences was established by Peter the Great.

Inspired and advised by the brilliant German scientist and mathematician Leibniz as part of his nation-building effort, Peter invited foreign scholars and scientists to work at the academy and to help improve the state of Russian higher education.

The academy was instrumental over the years in establishing separate specialty institutes in a variety of fields, and in the Soviet era they took a leading role in developing weapons systems.

Russia’s tragic history might have turned out different if its country’s rulers had heeded the advice of rationalists such as Leibniz.


This trip to Europe is showing how things should be done.