Biden: Trump ‘Aligned Himself With The Darkest Forces In This Nation’

In prepared remarks for a speech in Iowa Wednesday, former Vice President Joe Biden plans to link President Donald Trump to the weekend shootings, saying that the President has “aligned himself with the darkest forces in this nation.”

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There is one big problem with loudly and very publicly linking Trump to white supremacist and racist violence. It may motivate all the people holding those beliefs to rally to the polls in 2020. Which would mean Biden, et al are spurring more than half the populace to rage, and the defense of Trump.

And Biden has aligned himself with corporate america. Granted that tRump is worse, but Biden is not really what we need

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Kinda like Biden actually did when he teamed up with his racist segregationist buddies Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms to write crime bills that criminalized and incarcerated vast numbers of brown and black people.

Yeah, it’s never easy. Do we take a chance on riling up the scum or do we try to motivate the Dems and others who are sick and tired of nobody taking a concrete stand and who may stay home because of disgust and hopelessness.


Keep nailing this connection to him everyone. If you do, it will stick. There’s got be be something that will finally put him totally in the gutter.


Did he get his idea from Marianne Williamson’s “dark, psychic force”?

He/we can call it what it is or say nothing.


Agreed, regardless of what people think of any Democratic candidate, pointing out the true threat (Trump) is a good thing.


It seems they all do that when they’ve been in office for years and years. Not a Biden supporter, but at this point it’s anyone but the racist-in-chief.


I’m completely and totally uninterested in #wellactually Biden segregationist buddy this or booga booga corporate America that when we’ve got this vile pustule running the country. Right now it’s important for Democratic leaders to call that vile pustule what it is, and we can deal with the trivialities later.


I am flabbergasted at the foolishness inherent in perfect-the-enemy-of-the-good…

Against Trump, I would vote for Barney Fife.


You are wrong.

Trump only has support of 35% of the country and over half of that is soft support.

Only a very tiny minority of Americans support the Fucking Nazi’s (I refuse to elevate them to the level of “White Supremacist” just like I refuse to use the normalizing label of “Alt-Right”.)

Maybe 5% of the country actually buys into this ideology. The remaining 30% are varying degrees of “casually racist” out of ignorance, upbringing, and apathy, but remain under the thrall of the powerful Reich-Wing Propaganda Machine of FOX/AM Radio/Facebook/et. al.

Every one of them will claim they are not “racist” because they have a “black friend” and when push comes to shove, will not support the eliminationist ideas of the Nazis and are appalled by their tactics and actions.

YET, they feel backed into a corner by the constant condemnation of the Progressives and that just drives them further into the arms of the Fucking Nazis, creating a “Bunker Mentality” and exacerbating Cheatolini’s “US vs. THEM” rhetoric.

I’m not saying we should accept their casual racism, but it is NOT the driving force for the vast majority of Trump’s supporters.
It is NOT “Economic Anxiety” either, that is a Bull Shit cop-out by the MSM for not doing their jobs in 2016.
It is “Cultural Anxiety”, a much deeper and more difficult to assuage emotion that many of them won’t even realize they have. It is a very real emotional response to cultural change and cannot be ignored by the Progressives. If they do, they will lose the 2020 elections.
It is a natural resistance to rapid (for them) change that everyone feels, amped up to “11” by the Reich-Wing Propaganda Machine and their lazy and feckless enablers in the MSM.
The Reich-Wing is going full-bore on “Divide and Conquer” and we cannot let them succeed.
In 2018 we found a unifying message: “Health Care for All” and we need to pound on that in 2020.
If we slip into the left-wing nihilism of “Reparations” and “Destroy all Private Health Insurance” we will lose. Big time.
The only way we keep moving forward is to keep talking to each other and not to retreat into our respective bunkers of self-reinforcement.

Remember, not all Republicans are Nazis, but all Nazis ARE Republicans.


Great Post.


I think that we should call em out. Contrary to what others might think, there’s no such thing as a perfect politician.

There are those who believe that Biden doesn’t have a right to say the aforementioned and that’s their unfortunate choice.

However if the basis of their argument is something that’s been discounted by one of their supposed heroes, then it’s on the detractors to come up with a better example.


I for one think that, naturally, the only solution to a 70+ year old white Male with bad hair plugs is an even older white Male with bad hair plugs.



I agree. But at some point Democrats do have to deal with the fact that places like Delaware allow secrecy when registering partnerships and other legal entities that allow Russian / Ukrainian / Venezuelan / Chinese / American / etc. oligarchs and businesses to keep their underhanded business dealing secret. I don’t know how much of a role Biden has played in allowing all this secrecy to go on, but I’m sure Trump and his properties have benefited greatly from the ability to hide money laundering behind secret corporate entities in states like Nevada and Delaware.


Agreed…and if we are that stupid to nominate biden despite many better choices, I too will vote for him.

But we have a lot of time to dodge that bullet.


But how interested in those things were you before we had this vile pustule, etc.?

Then guys need to find a better model to get the Biden point across.

He’s not a perfect candidate and his coolness is maybe evaporating to zero, and that’s clearly not good.

Unless there’s a better candidate to deliver that message, then they need to speak up now.