Biden Team Puts Foot Down Over GOP Effort To Handcuff Fed As Trump Leaves Office | Talking Points Memo

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team on Friday decried Republicans’ efforts to shackle the Federal Reserve as Biden enters office. 

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Here it comes (in a good way): Biden/Harris actually have a mandate, whether GOP dead-enders want to admit it or not. Mitch can roadblock, but he’ll get murdered for it–especially in advance of Jan 5.


The Republicans are far beyond help.

This is all good:

The stimulus “should not include unnecessary provisions that would hamper the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve’s ability to fight economic crises,” incoming National Economic Council Director Brian Deese said in a statement released through the transition.

“As we navigate through an unprecedented economic crisis, it is in the interests of the American people to maintain the Fed’s ability to respond quickly and forcefully,” Deese said. “Undermining that authority could mean less lending to Main Street businesses, higher unemployment, and greater economic pain across the nation. Congress’s good faith effort to deliver immediate relief should not be delayed by provisions that could put our future financial stability at risk.”


Trump is trying to twist arms until someone cries “UNCLE” and lets him be President.


Hard to think of a more clear example of the Trump Admin willingly screwing everyday Americans just to able to kneecap some Dems. Party over country, distilled and puried. Almost as if they dont believe Dems are actually Americans…


Obviously the GOP has adopted a scorched earth policy.


This is the poison pill Mitch is inserting to blow up the COVID relief bill talks and try to blame Dems. Biden calling this out means that Dems are calling Mitch’s bluff. The GOP finds it hard to get a majority vote from their caucus for any relief bill, because they’re all cruel bastards, so I think this development probably increases the chances of ‘no deal’ on COVID stimulus. The prospect of another gov’t shutdown may well overtake COVID stimulus discussions.


“It is not the role of our central bank, the Fed, to engage in fiscal policy, social policy or allocating credit,” Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), the incoming chair of the Senate Banking Committee and the leader of the effort to restrict the Fed, said on a conference call Thursday.

Yes, it actually is, you member of the “bunch of fuckers.”


OT - Oh hey, look, there’s where all that 1.2 billion in campaign money went…
Love that Trumps and Pences were running it.
I wonder if Parscale would throw them all under the bus?

" Business Insider is reporting that Donald Trump’s son-in-law and chief adviser Jared Kushner approved creation of a shell company that “secretly paid” Trump’s family members and “spent almost half of the campaign’s $1.26 billion war chest.”

That would amount to a cool $617 million in cash supposedly meant for Trump’s reelection campaign that essentially disappeared without a trace. The shell company appears to have served as a pass-through entity with the added benefit of shielding all of its transactions from public view.

But no worries, the company, created in April 2018, was headed by Trump daughter-in-law Lara Trump as president and Mike Pence’s nephew John Pence as its vice president, so they surely kept things on the up and up. Additionally, the Trump campaign’s CFO, Sean Dollman, became the shell company’s treasurer—and we all know what a tight ship Dollman ran at Trump’s broke campaign."


Trump to Biden: “I’m sorry I trashed the WH, but I’ve left you all the tools and materials you’ll need to make the necessary repairs. Everything’s in the construction trailers over there.”

Contents of the trailers: a jeweler’s screwdriver, a tube of Elmer’s Glue, some balsa wood sheets, and a bottle of gold model airplane paint.


Yeah, about 4 years ago.


What a bunch of FUCKERS!


“Senate Republicans’ extreme demand threatens to derail this urgently needed action, and it must be immediately abandoned so that we can move forward,” they added.

So, if GA does fall full D, and there’s a 50/50 split in the Senate, would the R’s maintain some sort of majority leadership position, or is it even leadership on everything and Vice-President Harris gets to pass out pacifiers?

I’m sure he does, but the idea is to hurt Biden and handicap his presidency from the git go. It’s always party over country even if it means some misery for his own constituents.


Biden needs to get a grip, this is but one of 50 odious measures Trump has planned before leaving.


How are these “acting” appointees able to wield do much power? There’s nobody qualified to run anything in the Trump administration, least of all, Donald Trump.


“Republicans wanted to rein in the Federal Reserve’s powers to help businesses and municipalities stay afloat…”

The GOP would like nothing better than to crater cities (“Negroes and Joos!”).

If we wanna save REAL money, how about we kill “Sugar Daddy’s” farm subsidies, and stop the “intergenerational welfare” of “shiftless” rural Trump voters and their “culture of dependence”?

(They just spend it all on liquor, fast trucks, and country-western boom boxes, anyway.)


Better hurry up with those pardons!


That’s usually done when you are leaving the battlefield. Here, they are scorching the earth of everybody, including those who are on their ‘side’: their constituents.