Biden Team Conflicted Over Whether To Keep Birx On COVID-19 Response Panel

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team is reportedly unsure whether or not to retain Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the Trump administration’s prominent COVID-19 experts, on their own pandemic advisory board.

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Why would anybody even consider have a potential saboteur on any panel?


He should send her back to her first love of sucking up to Republicans. Maybe Alabama could use a state health director.


Fauci yes. Birx no.


Joe doesn’t need Birx for any reason. Send her back to whence she came.


She’s married to a former Clinton operative. She knows how to suck up to authority figures. She knows how to pander to an audience. She doesn’t know how to do strategic planning. She has stabbed numerous people in the back and screwed-up her own projects because of her pandering. There is a huge swath of the public health community that would happily see her gone and they felt that way before COVID.



(but, maybe gradually, and on the down-low, after Jan 2021)


She’s far from the top of the list of people to get ousted, but does she bring anything irreplaceable to the table?

Let her go. Let the new highly qualified Surgeon General recommend a replacement.


No… no way. Absolutely not. After sitting by during the “inject bleach and UV light” into the body episode she ceded all credibility and it was by that time already strained. She is a suck up too. I despise suck ups…


This should be a no-brainer. Her failure to stand up to Trump may be because she’s ex-military and has an instinct for following chain of command, but she has blood on her hands. Nobody with blood on their hands should be in the Biden administration.


At least if Biden kept Birx he’d be assured of no pushback if he recommended those afflicted with COVID drink battery acid and sleep in a pit of lye overnight.


Banish her mealy mouth ass and her frigging scarfs.
She had an opportunity to do the right thing and save lives , even if it cost her the position
She could have saved 1000’s of lives and did Jack shit,
SEE: Chris Kregs
Fired with dignity for doing and saying the right thing


I can understand facing a challenge to want to stay on a committee where one might exert some influence and push back against nonsensical, uninformed, political views versus facing the clear possibility that openly and directly opposing a dangerous view by the incompetent President and his minions would lead to your immediate removal. It’s a game of balance.

Until real people die and continue to die as a direct consequence of your silence. She made her choice, and remaining in a position of perceived power with truly limited influence won out over protecting the citizens of this country.

Sorry, to me it’s not a hard decision. Publicly thank her for her efforts, and drop her immediately and permanently. Life is too precious to be any part of this calculation. Fact: approximately 150,000 deaths in the US out of the 250,000 are estimated to be due to the policies, decisions, and inactions of the President and the Republican Party through the Senate, who could have stopped these unnecessary deaths by voting against the President and for science- and health-based decisions. Four Republican Senators was all that was necessary - but they chose silence. Do not forget this - ever.


There are scores who need to go immediately, before Joe and the rest even sit down lunch. Her case is not that urgent. But she’s one of many who tried to have it both ways when that wasn’t possible. I’m with @phlebas, in wondering if there’s anything she can add to the effort that nobody else can. Joe has already been drawing up his task force. I’d say give them, and the untainted professionals left in government, a say in who’s part of this all going forward. She certainly let herself be used during many months of a sham effort to address the virus.


Will this keep someone from picking up the virus in the first place? Asking for a friend.

(I swear, if you put this out on OAN, some Trumpists would do it. This is not hyperbole.)


It’s time to put Birx out on the sidewalk.


I can understand why Biden’s team would be conflicted about keeping her on. The practice of coddling a would-be dictator is an unflattering look.


That Biden’s people are conflicted over keeping Birx is not a good sign about the direction he is taking. We do not need a Birx for every Osterholm, etc.


Cut her loose. Lacks integrity.


She was more a Trump enabler than a virus fighter. She did make an effort but braked it anywhere it crossed Trump’s feelings. Trump was her number 1…COVID was number 2. She should go.