Biden Raises Refugee Cap To 62,500 After Backlash For Keeping Trump Era Limit | Talking Points Memo

The Biden administration on Monday announced that it will raise the refugee cap to 62,500 this fiscal year, following backlash the President faced last month for keeping the historically low Trump-era refugee cap of 15,000 intact.

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This is great news! Every refugee we accept makes America a better place for all. We should, in all honesty, have no limits on refugees.

Refugees are more likely to be employed, to pay taxes, to have children in our schools, and even go to church (if that is inportt to you) than the average american. It’s a no-brainer to accept as many as possible.


The only real gaff by the young administration. I think they’re trying to prioritize, but this was a misstep.


Should mention the federal fiscal year ends Sep 30.


Bad: making an announcement that is in direct contradiction to stated plans for the admin early on.

Good: an administration that admits fault and corrects on the fly.


I would expect to see an influx from Afghanistan very soon unless the government of Afghanistan really believes they can withstand the Taliban or reach some form of political agreement with them that allows education of women and children into something other than a stone age society.

Burkas. Stonings. Destruction of ancient artifacts/culture. No music. What’s not to like. /s


The mistake was not in realizing his initial goal was presently unachievable, but in keeping trump’s exact same number. Never continue a trump policy, even if the change is small.

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Sad! Even 15,000 were too many. We are so awash in illegals now, that we don’t need higher limits for refugees. If they are legitimate refugees, maybe some other countries would be happy to have them. We already have given much more than our share, generally to the detriment of the Republic.

These are people who have already been legally accepted into the US, they just haven’t been allowed to physically come here. Just one more time the US lied to the world.

It’s rare to see a troll pay to be a troll.


Yeah I get where you are coming from. The only solution I see is for you to find a new country so we can free up space here. Feel free to take plenty of like minded people with you.


“And don’t let The Golden Door hit you in the ass on the way out.”


Hopefully it has spikes in it.


Team Biden’s Recent Accomplishments on Immigration:

  • Killed the Wall,
  • Returned funding that Trump stole for the wall back to DoD,
  • Reduced the number of unaccompanied kids being held at CBP facilities by 82% in 1 month, including avg length of stay at CBP,
  • Accelerated the processing of unaccompanied children to unite w/families and sponsors,
  • Began the process of reuniting kids separated from their families at the border under Trump/Miller,
  • Set the refugee cap to 62,500 and proposed an increase to over 100k for the upcoming fiscal year,
  • Restored immigration system processes to be able to handle these changes,
  • Did all of this in the middle of a pandemic.

I’ve also seen it reported that they are vaccinating unaccompanied kids of age in HHS facilities.


Biden gave his administration 60 days to find and review all current contracts and determine which can be canceled, which must be renegotiated, and whether any of the remaining money can be used on other projects. Trump, as of Jan. 15, had spent $6.1 billion of the $10.8 billion in wall construction it had contracted out, a Senate Democratic aide told AP . Overall, the Trump administration had secured $16.45 billion for the wall, including $5.8 billion appropriated by Congress and the rest seized from the Treasury and Defense departments. Biden is targeting that latter pot of money.


Your statement reflects severe ignorance.
And that’s just the defensible part.


The headline implies there was a causal connection between raising the cap and the ‘backlash’ but there is no evidence of that provided in the article and the administration messaging directly contradicts the implied premise as well as providing an alternate rationale for delay.

I understand the editorial, commercial, and political imperatives for headlines constructed as they typically are but don’t have to like it.

ETA: ICE refused to cooperate with the Biden transition team and conditions were discovered to be vastly worse at the border than believed so the Biden administration, once in power and able to effectively assess the level of Trump/Miller’s cruel debacle, hit pause (while being somewhat less adept and forceful in messaging the reasons), revised plans, contacted relevant depts, vendors and resources with revisions, and then executed, moving forward again. /fin

Here is the GQP’s secret plan: Make America itself as corrupt, violent and as odious as the nations these people are fleeing. Problem solved.