Biden Points To $2K Stimulus Checks As Reason To Vote Dem

President-Elect Joe Biden made his last push in Georgia Monday evening, speaking to a sea of cars in Atlanta on behalf of Democratic Senate hopefuls Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock hours before polls open on Tuesday.

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It’s a very good reason because it’s true.


Yep, gotta reward all those rich Democrats working at Dollar General.


Who had to take a pay cut after DG put their hometown store out of business.


Should not need to be said but so glad it was without sugar.


Watched the Pres Elect live on MSNBC. I was glad to see Joe so fired up. He had some great lines. “Why does he (trmp) still want the job, he doesn’t wanna do the work!” And he’s right. The turnip is leaning on state officials like a two-bit loan shark while thousands of Americans die every day from the crisis he fumbled. The Inauguration can’t come fast enough.


“Their election will put an end to the block in Washington on that $2,000 stimulus check,” Biden said of the Democratic candidates, adding later: “If you send Perdue and Loeffler back to Washington, those checks won’t get there.”

I didn’t watch Biden’s speech, but I sure hope that he emphasized that both Ossoff and Warnock would vote to support Chiselin’ Trump’s $2,000 stimulus check demand.


This was very good messaging from Biden.


The single $2000 check is not good policy…really, state and local aid, unemployment aid, lots of other ways are better to keep the people who need it afloat. But, it’s good politics, especially for Democrats after Trump called for it, and it really damaged the Republicans. It’s too bad this didn’t play out in October, it probably would have made a difference in the other Senate races…we’ll find out soon if it had any effect in these two races.


For everyone here who keeps complaining about TPM’s constant coverage of all things Trump at the expense of headlines for Biden, well… This story has netted 8 comments in four of five hours. Meanwhile, a pronouncement from sycophant GA Barbie in support of Trump has passed 60 comments in 2 hours.

Just say’n


Your point is well-taken, but to be fair, those of us who are here primarily for the community tend to join the threads where traffic is already trending, which I suspect adds a “feedback loop” to the trendlines.

I do still long for the day when Donnie only turns up in the nostalgia threads. Roll on Demob!!!


In addition to the feedback loop, sometimes it feels more appropriate to make cheap puns and kibbutz about our lives on a trivial thread, rather than something serious.

I know I found it hard to comment on the child separation threads because, what more is there to say?


Joe Biden is on fire. He was passionate and compelling in his delivery and he hit every point.


Preaching to the choir generally doesn’t add more voices.

I for one hope that TPM follows Trump’s ongoing legal misadventures once he leaves office. To read about his problems without having to listen to him, and sharing comments with this community should be less stressful than the current freakish situation. I also look forward to the details coming out about all the awful stuff we didn’t know about, along with prosecution of henchmen. So while I look forward to having him in the rear view mirror, I don’t plan to forgive and forget.


I look forward to having him sitting at the defendant’s table.


Good argument. The MAGA had already spent that $2000 check that isn’t in the mail.

They just might be upset enough to hold it against the Republicans. Perdue and Loeffler aren’t really Trumpettes and they know it. Listen to Woods. Refuse to vote for those two hypocrites. Get back at McConnell.

Another reason why Trump so wanted to run against anyone but Biden. He’s not slow at all.


You know if Stacey Abrams pulls this off tomorrow, Biden should nominate her as Defense Secretary. She will have proved that she knows how to move armies.