Biden Issues New Warnings On The Impending Threat Of Trump II

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First. Here’s why that is bad for Biden.


Sure, sure, Trump’s a felon, but you know, Biden is old. Better a criminal in the Presidency than an old guy, right? What could go wrong?


The Merrick Garland hearing will be a joke.

Membership | House Judiciary Committee Republicans

These nincompoops won’t allow Merrick to speak more than three words before they shout him down. This committee will be just as disrespectful as the other committee was in the Fauci hearing yesterday.

I hope this gets maximum coverage on the news stations so that as many people as possible can see just how bad and desperate the GQP is to make the Biden administration look as bad as possible, all the while ignoring the convicted felon they have at the top of their party.

I kind of hope Garland sneaks some kind of burn in during the questioning. It’s not in his nature, but damnit he should come prepared to do some battle.


The liberal media sure just don’t plumb exist these days. Communists!


Well, at least the committee HEAD said MTG was out of line. He must be SO THRILLED that ‘she’ is on HIS committee.

Wakes up every morning and thanks Jesus.


Biden ahould keep it short and sweet, when you lose, it isn’ t because the sytem it rigged, it is because the voters didn’t want you.


The lowly volcanic eruption: always last in the Morning Memo.


And exactly what did he do about it? Is she sanctioned? Reprimanded? Told to go stand in the corner until her attitude improves?



He disguised his appearance each day
To keep truthful aging at bay
But gold hair and orange paste
Couldn’t mask his soul’s waste
He’s The Picture of Dorian Gray


Does anybody know (my husband will start howling if I turn on you-know-who…ok I’ll say it FOX AND FRIENDS) if RW media is covering the trial.

I was surprised at the compilation video of everybody telling Trump how to REVENGE HIMSELF on ‘evil’ Uncle Joe that one guy said, I want the DoJ to go after Hunter Biden…and the trial began the next day.

Like, what the HOOEY?


[Lest they be left out.]

While castration is often associated with men, Barrow said the law could be applied to women. She also stressed that imposing the punishment would be on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of judges. The punishment would not be automatic.

[Yeah, that’ll show ‘em.]

If an offender “fails to appear or refuses to undergo” surgical castration after a judge orders the procedure, they could be hit with a “failure to comply” charge and face an additional three to five years in prison, based on the bill’s language.

[Appropriate candidate?]

The legislation also stipulates that a medical expert must “determine whether that offender is an appropriate candidate” for the procedure before it is carried out.

[With LA’s level of petro pollution, everyone will eventually be chemically castrated.]

Louisiana’s current chemical castration law has been in place since 2008 but officials said that from 2010 to 2019, they could only find one or two cases where it was used.

[Harsh, but fair?]

The bill, and chemical castration bills, have received pushback, with opponents saying they amount to “cruel and unusual punishment” and questioned the effectiveness of the procedures. Additionally, some Louisiana lawmakers have questioned if the punishment was too harsh for someone who may have a single offense.

BTW. No one, absolutely no one should think, about making crass comments like: “I didn’t think they had the balls to do it.” Right out!


NOW I know what’s missing from Spork Foot’s wardrobe – A DUNCE CAP!!!


Dorian Gray was a studmuffin compared to Trump.


Sure, I guess the toothless dog can gum them to death.


I’d really like to see TPM and the rest of the media start asking the FOP, police unions, sheriffs associations, etc if they still support 34 times convicted felon Donald Trump for president. Get them on record. It is important to know/understand where they stand. Their silence is somewhat deafening at least to me and if they fail to disavow their prior endorsements of Trump the public needs to know.


Your point is right, but Comer would not even do ‘that’ when she began her insult round-robin w/Crockett and AOC.

The most eloquent HUH? was all ‘he’ got out. (Crockett’s put-down of MTG was hilarious, and then Comer obviously could not PROCESS what she said; it was like telling Harvey Korman in his Hire the Thugs speech which ended w/AND METHODISTS! to ‘do it again, Harvey, we did not get the shot’ – in Blazing Saddles.)


If Texas Republicans embrace this return to a county-unit type of system, they’ll actually have created something even more unequal than the scheme concocted by segregationists of a century ago.

Harris County, the home of Houston, has a population of 4.7 million, while Loving County has a total population of 64. Harris County has a sizable black population, while Loving is (as far as I can tell) entirely white. But one vote in Loving would mean more than 70,000 votes in Harris.

It’s staggeringly unequal, and silencing an “urban” vote that is of course now not just coded as more liberal but racially diverse too. And that, of course, is the point.

But if Texas embraces this, the case will speed to a Supreme Court that has proven it will toss aside even the most long-established precedents to see its agenda secured. I’m sure they’re looking for an excuse to tear down Baker v. Carr and its descendants in order to enshrine their vision of (white rural conservative) minority rule.

And if they have to toss aside democracy itself, well, so be it.


I sure hope that Biden and the Dems can get in front of this!

(See what I did there?)


Of course not! Do you think we’re nuts??