Biden Camp Gearing Up For Post-Election Legal Battle With Trump Over Results

Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign is gathering donation funds in preparation for a court battle with President Donald Trump over the results of Tuesday’s election.

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It is so friggin sad that this is how far Fat Nixon has sunk this country when he wants lawyers, not voters, determining election outcomes.


I am assuming the Biden campaign leftover money could be used in the defense of these lawsuits? Or is it up to the individual States (whose coffers are empty after getting no help with the pandemic) to pay for the litigation?


An absolute Landslide is the best Lawyer we have.

Lets GOTV on Tuesday.


I’m proud to say I’ll be an official poll-watcher Tuesday. Given that we’re traditionally pretty civilized here I don’t expect any real skullduggery, more just technical glitchy things, but either way I’ll be there to call in the air strikes by our legal people and honchos. I wish I could tell Technical Sergeant H.F. (Retired) about it. He went when he was called and served in the CBI theater, helping service the planes flying over The Hump. Did as good a job as he could. I can’t tell him now, though. But it’s nice to know if I could he’d be pleased. He hated Trump the way he hated all braggarts and blowhards.


We can compare notes… I don’t know that I’ll be back on here before late Wednesday or even Thursday. I have a longer shift at the store on Wednesday and I am probably shutting down all the social media until the dust is settled (which should be partway through Wednesday, but by no means complete).


It is too bad that Al Gore didn’t lawyer up like Biden. If he had not rolled over so easily or the SC had not already been corrupted, it could have been a different country now. I know, this is water under the bridge but we need to learn to never, ever give the Republicans or whatever they morph into another chance to do what they have done for the last 50 years.


Doesn’t it seem like we only used to read about these kinds of disputed elections in small, unstable countries far from the US? We in the US prided ourselves on the orderly and peaceful transition power from one administration to the next.

I totally agree with emiliano4. If the results are unequivocal that would be by far the best outcome.


What’s even sadder is that Trump’s cultists, 40 percent of the flippin’ nation, believe winning the election through voter suppression and the packed courts is A-okay.


Yeah, but at the same time, had 911 happened on the Dems watch, we might’ve been blown out of the water for multiple generations.

It’s a road not taken, but look at the difference in how Benghazi was treated and how the various actions of this current administration are being treated. They still want to put Hillary away for it.


That’s the least of what can happen when you relentlessly demonize and dehumanize your opponents.


Biden Camp Gearing Up For Post-Election Legal Battle


Trumpanzees are going to discover we have a lot of lawyers on our side, and plenty of money to hire more.


Because they see these actions as directly benefitting them and putting the ‘other’ in its place. They want this nation to look exactly like this because the White Nationalist portion of the country sees the melting pot aspect of the country as taking away their power as white people.

It’s not a good look and it’s not who the US is. We gotta stop this.


I know township-level municipalities often have insurance to deal with lawsuits and this may apply up the hierarchy as well. You eventually pay for it somehow, of course, and this will be unprecedented, but they do anticipate this kind of thing as a cost of doing business.


Trump is a liar. That’s a given. He’s denying on election night that his plans are to declare victory and thereupon dare anyone to dispute it. His denial is bullshit, the plans are set, in cement. And if they do fight him, which they will, the entire month of November and December will be spent in litigation disputing EACH AND EVERY ballot cast in all the states it’s close enough fighting makes a difference. If litigation is still ongoing on the safe harbor date of 12/8 what are states to do with their electors? How many Red states with Red legislatures that nevertheless went for Biden will commit to a slate of Trump electors, justifying it because “the results are in dispute”?

This will become like the old adage in boxing: “If you want to beat the champ, you have to knock him out, you won’t win a decision if you leave it to the judge’s scorecards.”


Meanwhile in other news The Trump Death March Continues


If Gore had been POTUS, 911 might not have happened, the Clinton admin knew Bin Laden was up to something and a lot of those people would have continued on with Gore. He would not have invaded Iraq but he would probably have had to do something about Afghanistan. Of course, it could have turned out worse than it did, but in my mind, most likely scenarios would have been an improvement on the mess Bush Jr. created. Of course, we are stuck with what we have and we need to make the most of it and prevent future mistakes. At least Trump didn’t start a war, probably because Putin told him to stay out of the Middle East.


Absolutely. Unfortunately, Trump’s cultists trying to run the Biden campaign bus off the road in Texas is indicative of a frightening new normal.


I’m imagining that he will sue the State - so this will all be at the State level. He doesn’t have the money to go after individual precincts. There could be hundreds of suits put forward if he goes that route.

States set the voting rules, so he would be challenging at the State level - the precincts have to do what the State tells them.


Everyone knows the faultlines exist.

When the Dust settles, some clear thinkers had better put together an understanding of the methods by which these faultlines were exploited.

Lots of names come up. Lots of organizations come up.

The good news is that race relations have never been better for a significant portion of this country…and I am not crazy for saying that. :crazy_face: