Biden Admin Announces Plan To Purchase 200 Mil More COVID Vaccine Doses | Talking Points Memo

The Biden administration is planning on purchasing COVID-19 vaccine doses for 100 million more Americans, White House officials announced on Tuesday.

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I see the problem here…


Remember when Trump passed on additional vaccine doses?

I do.


June? July?

Guess I’ll make myself comfortable …


OT, but a Texas T**** Judge…


Hoping to have my elderly mother over for Thanksgiving this year. Was planning on some summer travel but that seems out of reach at this point. According to my state site I may get my first shot in late April if lucky.


Both Biden and Harris said early on that this would be hard work, there would be setbacks and challenges, but they would be in the batter’s box swinging away on our behalf every day. I guess they weren’t kidding themselves or us.


Texas! More bigly dickish than Florida!

ETA. How will the judge enforce a non-action by the Federal government? Will he deport people personally by driving them across the border in the bed of his F250?


Appointed by Trump a year ago and rammed through in a matter of weeks.

And Jesus Christ the opinion is a strident, hard right piece of backward reasoned bullshit.

Thanks Jill. Thanks Susan. Thanks everyone in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Wisconsin who blew off our warnings that control of the courts for a generation was at stake as “scaremongering” and cast a protest vote in 2016.


I’m confused in that the 200,000,000 doses were to inject 300,000,000 recipients. So I’m assuming that doses = vials and 1 vial provides several injection doses.


It’s weird how fuzzy the numbers are. To inoculate 300 million people we need 600 million doses. Biden bought 200 million. But looking back through the stories, it is extremely unclear whether Trump bought 400 million doses or 200 million doses. Its all shrouded by the choking miasma of mendacity and incompetence on the part of the Trump regime and the chronic innumeracy and credulousness of the press.

One hopes no one in the current administration is assuming Trump actually bought 400 million doses without checking.

That said, the one-dose ampules do, in fact, have more than one dose in them just as a matter of standard practice of overfilling them so no one goes short because of an accident.


I’m assuming that Ron Klain and Fauci will clarify.


Looking like summer for me.

I do wonder how many people needlessly push themselves back in line through vanity and denial by refusing to admit to being obese on the questionnaire.

Not that I’m admitting I’m one of those people. No, not at all.

Not even after the last ten months working from home. Nope.


Yes, they realized that in the beginning of vaccination. I believe 7 doses but could be wrong. I have also read that they may be stretching it out too much and people aren’t getting the dose needed.


Not obese yet, but borderline with the HBP most likely because of the drinking i’ve been doing since the pandemic started. And my PCP retired the November before the pandemic - I’ve been too freaked out for an office visit with a new doc. Will have to wait for phase 3. Then visit the friends and family and go for an annual.

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I’ve been figuring June for a while now. Will be easier when spring arrives, but I am so ready to get past all this.

At least i can believe what I’m hearing again. That helps.


I don’t think the aim is 300M. I thought I read somewhere that the goal is 200+M.

The vaccines currently aren’t validated for children under 16/18 and pregnant women. Those tests are still outstanding.

I did see that Pfizer and Moderna started trials for 12+. Doesn’t look like they have any intention of going younger


Biden’s done more to fight Covid in less than one week than Trump has done in 9 months.


You could be right. Joe said that this would be enough to vaccinate 300M. If this was a goal, it was stated obliquely. It’s enough for me that they are doing due diligence.


I wonder how much of the money that we have “spent” on vaccines actually ended up in the pockets of AssWho? and his minions?

On second thought, finding out would probably stroke me out.