Beto Angrily Points To Trump’s Racism After Shooting: ‘You Know The Sh*t He’s Been Saying’ | Talking Points Memo

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) reacted angrily when a reporter asked if President Donald Trump could do anything to make the shootings better, firing back “what do you think?”

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I am sure Beto will be a prime target at tRump’s address to the nation this morning.


What can Trump do? How about shutting his big mouth and doing his job instead of watching TV and golfing?


This is going to be a boost for Beto. In what way, I don’t know, but a boost.
TPM, I would so much prefer seeing Beto’s face to the constant posts of the nutter-in-chief, up close that make me gag.


How soon before there’s a break in at Casa Beto? Travel time for the GOP crew to get from Baltimore to El Paso?


I know Beto technically broke the “rules” of campaigning here, but he at least reacted as a human being. It’s infuriating seeing the press cover Trump as if he’s an ordinary president, and especially after attacks like these, it’s hard not to lash out.


Beto’s pissed off.

And he’s directing his anger at the right people who are accountable, including Trump and a media that’s reluctant to state the truth about him.

We should all feel the same and be willing and ready to fight to get Trump and his enablers and the enablers of gun violence out of office … and assault weapons and high-capacity magazines banned and bought back and confiscated, and univesal background checks implemented and enforced.


Trump tweets this morning what in effect will become Republican insistence that any gun control legislation be paired with immigration reform. And when Dems don’t jump at the offer the new line will be Dems don’t want to do anything about mass shootings.

So, he wants to codify the stigmatization of immigrants, and make fleeing oppression, torture, economic hardship, rape, drug gangs, domestic violence and death squads more difficult if not outright illegal.

“I’ll green light the development of pediatric cancer fighting drugs, but you have to agree to tougher immigration laws in the bargain.”


Nice to hear a politician speaking truthfully. And the truth was not just about the racist in the WH, but also about the press asking meaningless questions.


Beto blaming the president misses the bigger picture. Trump never fooled anyone. This country (we) had ample evidence of his ignorance, racism, sexism, sexual violence and yet we voted him into the post powerful office why? Because we didn’t “trust” or “like” the qualified candidate

We have not removed assault weapons from the streets

We have not removed hatred and racism from the streets

We have no one to blame but ourselves. Once we appreciate our guilt we can vote accordingly, hold our elected officials responsible, and make the necessary changes

I’m from El Paso and even I can’t blame Trump. The man speaks with the vocabulary of an 8th grader—he isn’t the entirety of the problem and he sure as hell will not have a solution


But you know he will be vilified by Republicans for saying “Shit &Fuck” in public
As if the sight of innocent people gunned down and shredded by an AR15 wasn’t obscene
20 Dead in 5 minutes
In Ohio the shooter had a 100 Round clip and was stopped in 1 minute 9 dead
4 more minutes and he would have been challenging the Vegas shooter


Maybe we’ll get one or more Democratic candidates reflecting our plainspoken anger at the abandonment of civilized behavior, just as the moron in the White House reflects the revenge mentality of his followers. It’s powerful to see this apparently authentic emotion instead of focus-grouped policy discussion.


This is Beto’s moment. It is his district, his people who are the victims of Trumps incitement. We all need him to rise to the occasion and slam the ‘dictator in waiting’ for scapegoating our fellow Americans in a manner that allows the rest of the country to see clearly what the Madman in Chief is up to.


About fucking time for everyone to be talking straight about the nazi in the white house and I don’t mean Miller. It’s time to stop the euphemisms and pussy-footing around the ugly truth that we are under the authority of a rapist, a thief, a mobster and a traitor. The worst presidents in our history are rolling over in their graves at the refusal of the American people to oust this foreign agent, this criminal, this child-torturer, this mass murderer from the nation.


Agreed. Good for Beto.

Sometimes you have to take aim at the question itself. Reject its premise.

The media (with some exceptions, like Hayes and Maddow) need to stop normalizing this guy. I get it - Trump is ratings gold for them and floods their news cycles with drama - but I wish they could try for two seconds to divorce their profit motive from their obligation to the public.

Good for Beto.


Yes we did
They were Banned and Shrub, Hassert and Mitch Let the ban expire in 2004
How much blood is on their hands?


This feels important. It’s a prominent and still-charismatic politician, a representative of a rising generation, saying the premise a media question was based on is phony and stupid. Of course there’s nothing Trump “could” do, because there’s nothing he will do about gun control. He knows his base won’t allow him to touch the subject of guns. He’s flirted with it, as a thing he can claim has never been done, but he’s brought to heel every time. And he incites the violence, and it came to Beto’s home town and he’s too furious to be polite about it any more. That kid who drove from Dallas to El Paso to kill Hispanics was directly, directly inspired by Trump. It’s undeniable. Finally a prominent politician, one who isn’t even retired or about to be, is saying what the minor intelligentsia and the rest of us normies have been saying since the summer of 2015: Donald Trump is a mentally ill demagogue who’s tearing the country and our way of life apart. Thank You Beto for saying it out loud.


Please remember Co President McConnell is as much blame as Trump.


There is nothing the fake prez can say that will help. He lost all credibility and good faith after Charlottesville and Parkland. The only thing he could do to help rectify the situation would be to resign. And he’s too stupid and arrogant to do that.


And thank you for making those excellent points