Behind The Shelby Holds: He Thinks Obama’s White House Is Biased Against Alabama | Talking Points Memo

We already told you about the extraordinary “blanket hold” Sen. Richard Shelby has reportedly placed on all of President Obama’s nominations to the Senate yesterday. Shelby’s D.C. office hasn’t returned our phone calls and emails looking for comment, yet, but digging around on the web a bit this morning, we found a nugget that could provide some insight into what’s going on. According to Shelby, the Obama administration is biased against Alabama.As we reported, Shelby’s holds are based, among other things, on two national security programs that would send billions to his home state. One, a multi-billion dollar air-to-air refueling contract currently under review at the Pentagon, has been controversial for years. But in an interview with an Alabama TV station this week, Shelby suggested that what’s holding up the contract now could be hometown bias from Obama and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

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