Barr: Trump Admin Has ‘Pathway’ To Get Citizenship Question Back On Census | Talking Points Memo

Attorney General Bill Barr said Monday that in “next day or two” the Trump administration’s approach to getting a citizenship question back on the census will become clear.

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I see Barr is humping Trump’s leg again.


It will be a very big, very strong pathway. Many DOJ lawyers are saying so. We’ll see the pathway very, very soon, perhaps in two weeks.

(I think Barr is just flapping his lips to make the right noises until Trump forgets about it and moves onto a new shiny)


Here comes the fuckery…


Is he announcing “The fix is in” or what?


Having this question on the census is a republican thing not as much as trump thing. Its like they know their going to eat crap in 2020 and think theyll gerrymander all the GOP districts for the next cycle ensuring a victory w/o a challenge due to a stacked SCOTUS…or they think that if they get the question on the census BEFORE the 2020 cycle it will keep people from voting and give trump a chance he wouldnt have had …


The entire U.S. government is hell-bent on taking care of self-created nonsense issues. The mind reels.


Why is the DOJ involved in finding the “pathway” at all? Shouldn’t the Commerce Department be coming up with the new lie … er, legitimate rationale since they prepare and run the census?


He is even starting to talk Trump-speak. I sometimes wonder if we will witness an other-worldy experirence with Barr, where we get to physically see what literally happens when one has sold one’s soul to the devil, as if, perhaps the possession scene ‘Exorcist’ was prescient. Well, not really (as I don’t believe in that crap), but … surely there has to be some Karmic price for these folks.


the way this goes is that SCOTUS tells DOJ that you have to go through normal litigation procedures since you obtained this expedited process based on something that wasn’t true. Which means this takes years, but actually doesn’t take years because the question is moot because the census has already happened in the meantime.


Yes, looking forward to how you plan to hold an entire, new APA rule-making proceeding and get the inevitable injunctions lifted in time to change the census form, you corrupt, lawless authoritarian hack. I expect it will involve simple brazen disregard of the law.


Let me guess, he going to fire the Chief Justice. Or he going to declare the Condtitution illegal, and who or what army is going to stop him?

I’ll speculate what Trump and Barr have in mind is “We don’t need a reason, forget we ever gave one in the first place, we’re just doing it.”


The pathway involves disbanding the Supreme Court, announcing Martial Law in D.C. and all Blue States, and McTurtle holding confirmation for 9 new Supreme Court Justices from the Federalist Society who will vote as ordered.

I cannot wait to see the canard they come up with. It is bound to be breathtakingly idiotic.


That pretty well squares with everything we know about Barr and Trump and their views of Presidential authority…

I would not be shocked if this isn’t exactly what the plan is.


I wonder if the DOJ has somehow gotten a list of ‘permissible’ reasons from the Chief Justice.


I think the pathway is that the 9 people on the Supreme Court have no enforcement arm if not the DoJ.

Barr is saying to the SC, your army is actually my army.


If Barr does this Jerry Nadler will definitely have to threaten to hold hearings and issue subpoenas.

For sure.


The idea that you can come up with a post hoc reason to add the question without it being pretextual is the most laughable drivel. That is very nearly the dictionary definition of pretexual, and everybody (including Barr) knows it except for the dotard.

Sad self-own by a dignity wraith. I miss when Republicans told you bullshit that at least made sense on a surface level, even if they knew you knew it was bullshit.