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Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar found himself fielding questions Sunday morning regarding President Trump’s rhetoric on coronavirus a day after the first fatality in the U.S. was confirmed.

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“I’m just trying to keep the customer satisfied.”
— Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar


Does Azar know that he’s the fall guy?


What the lobbyist has to say is predictable. Here’s what a Democrat had to say on a Sunday morning talk show including “Has he [trumPP] no shame?”

“We had an office in the White House,” Mr. Biden said on CNN’s “State of the Union,” responding to President Trump’s announcement of an office to deal with the virus. After the Ebola outbreak in 2014, Mr. Biden said, “we set up an entire mechanism of how to deal with future outbreaks of pandemic diseases. They eliminated that office when they came in. They cut the funding for C.D.C.,” referring to the Centers for Disease Control.

The Trump administration ought to have known a month or more ago that the coronavirus was likely to reach the United States, Mr. Biden said, yet “they didn’t even begin to prepare the testing kits." He called on the administration to allow scientists to speak directly to the public, rather than requiring all messaging to go through Vice President Mike Pence.


Yesterday our fool of a CDC director threw his own agency under the bus. Protect the fucking moron at all costs. Make excuses. Pretend he isn’t lying and bullshitting us to death.

Wankers all.


Trump’s briefs. Eeewwww.


Of course it was the fault of the CDC people briefing Trump. As we know, our president* is incapable of making a mistake. Yet I’m somehow not comforted to know that the CDC is screwing up, if, in fact, they did.

So Trump’s pleased to have Azar say that Trump was only repeating what he was told. OTOH, how do you think Trump feels about Azar’s referring to coronavirus as a “public health crisis”? Haven’t we been told that everything is peachy, and that the maladministration is totally on top of things?

So how long before we have an acting HHS Secretary replacing Azar?


" A wonderful woman."


It sounds like it was CDC’s fault, but, wow, he was sure quick to throw them under the bus to protect Dear Leader.


Those two or three or maybe four people still working at CDC are going to be pissed off.


Ship. Captain. Accountability. Nuff said.


We might wish to ask some questions about things like CDC funding, unprotected personnel on flights to the U.S., misleading statements, stifling communication from experts in various public health fields. And lastly:

Politicizing criticism of Trump’s incompetence, when most rational people would see this criticism of incompetence as an indication of citizens’ awareness of greater danger to their own health and safety.


Doesn’t the CDC work for Trump? Doesn’t he hire “the best people”? Any way you look at it, the buck stops with him. His usual tactics of division and demagoguery won’t work this time.

Meanwhile, he’s busy ridding the government of competent people, making sure only loyalists remain -like any good authoritarian.

The overriding goal remains the same -saving President Trump. The security of the American people can remain a tertiary issue. Secondary issue is to ensure the plutocrats somehow come out ahead here.


I read today that California has 100 testing kits. 100. We will be the epicenter of this virus soon enough and we are woefully unprepared.


There are several fast-moving stories.

  1. The end-of-the-world cult in South Korea that decided to infect themselves with coronavirus and then go out and infect everybody else. Keeping up with the Jonesies.

  2. The new refugee crisis in Turkey, which is letting refugees flow into the EU, as well as pushing them back into Syria. And starting a war with Assad.

  3. Finally, we are seeing a shock to the corporate bond market, about $44 trillion in the US.


Well, you know, in his position he has a hard balance to strike. “We can assure you that at the moment the risk is low and we’re simply urging people to take the normal precautions. Wash your hands frequently, avoid crowds, update your will, tell people you love them, just the normal things.”


so, democratic truthful comments on dementia Donnie’s inaction are a hoax… that doesn’t even make sense…


That’s one for every 350,000 people. Whaddya want?


If the apparatus supposedly in charge of protecting us from the effects of Covid19 can’t even correctly report on the gender of the historic first fatality, it’s time to worry.
Just imagine how badly they can screw up the important stuff.


It’ll give you the trend line. That’s really what you want.