AZ Dem Is First 2022 House Retirement. Here’s What We Know About Dems’ Hold On Her District

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ) announced on Friday that she would not be seeking reelection in Arizona’s 2nd District in the 2022 midterms, marking the first retirement from the House in the upcoming election cycle. The decision raises questions about potential vulnerability of her seat.

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Calling on the Arizonans in Here…


This is my congressional district. It will definitely be interesting to see how the district is redrawn- Pima County is more blue and Cochise County, more rural and to the east is very red.


Calling @darrtown. Report in please


An interesting fact from other sites. She was born on a reservation and grew up speaking the Apache language. Very cool…


Is the “independent” commission doing the redraw truly independent?


“We look forward to turning this seat red again because Arizonans deserve a congresswoman who represents them, not Nancy Pelosi and Democrats’ socialist agenda,” Sinclair told the Arizona Republic.

I realize it’s silly, but I anyway would be amused if dems just started saying “the Republicans’ fascist agenda” in the same way Reps use “socialist” as a standard epithet.

It has the advantage of being closer to the truth.


Like all other GQPers, AZ Republicans believe it is better to talk shit than do shit.


Begs the question are Pelosi (80 years old) and Feinstein (87 years old!) and Pate Leahy (80) going to announce their retirement plans so the Democrats can plan for a successor and a hold Vs Republicans?

Or are these 3 going to pull a myopic Ruth Bader Ginsberg move and hand a vacancy to Republicans! Obama tried to talk RBG into retiring while he could nominate a replacement…and she hung on and eft her seat for McConnell and Trump to fill.


I’ll take your observation meaning that we gotta Stacey Abrams this race in 2022.


Any candidate who does that will get campaign contributions from me, right up to the legal limit.


I don’t know that much about it, but here is some info I found:
Mission: The Independent Redistricting Commission’s mission is to redraw Arizona’s congressional and legislative districts to reflect the results of the most recent census. The concept of one-person, one-vote dictates that districts should be roughly equal in population. Other factors to be considered are the federal Voting Rights Act, district shape, geographical features, respect for communities of interest and potential competitiveness. The state Constitution requires the commissioners – two Republicans, two Democrats and an independent chairwoman – to start from scratch rather than redraw existing districts.

Here’s how the commission is chosen:
(6) Appointments to the independent redistricting commission shall be made in the order set forth below. No later than January 31 of years ending in one, the highest ranking officer elected by the Arizona house of representatives shall make one appointment to the independent redistricting commission from the pool of nominees, followed by one appointment from the pool made in turn by each of the following: the minority party leader of the Arizona house of representatives, the highest ranking officer elected by the Arizona senate, and the minority party leader of the Arizona senate. Each such official shall have a seven-day period in which to make an appointment. Any official who fails to make an appointment within the specified time period will forfeit the appointment privilege. In the event that there are two or more minority parties within the house or the senate, the leader of the largest minority party by statewide party registration shall make the appointment.


I can’t say. I need to see how the redistricting goes. If things were to stay as they are, I’d say its a pretty safe Dem seat. One other point, though, is that after covid-19, Arizona seniors may not run so conservative as they have in the past.


I have been running into the term “Biden Republicans”.

I know what that means

And maybe it can apply to Congress


With Kelli Ward running AZ GOP, shouldn’t we look forward to jailed QBaca running as the Republican?


Miscellany: Because some things must simply be celebrated.



What makes you think McConnell would have held hearings for Garland had Garland been nominated a year earlier?


So Kirkpatrick saw the writing on the wall that she would be gerrymandered away and decided not to bother?

I can almost guarantee that it will be some Paul Gosar or Andy Biggs clone. So, yes a batshit crazy person who believes lizard people are among us wearing human skins, in any event.


In other “surprising” news: