As Voter Restrictions Advance, GOPers Plan To Claim S1 Is ‘Policy In Search Of A Problem’

Get ready. Senate Republicans plan to attack S1, the voting rights package, from all directions: it’s partisan, it’s pointless, it makes committing voting fraud easier.

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I’ve been ready since the last voting rights legislation expired


Can you say Arizona Election Fraudit?

Sure, I knew you could…


I certainly hope that a Dem Senator asks why in FL, AZ, and GA where Republicans have held the state legislatures for years, were responsible for some of the methods of voting in their states, but now are not acceptable because of____________?
I think it was Rep. Banks R-IN that voiced his displeasure that county BOEs allowed changes to how to vote------because of a G-D Global Pandemic. I wish some reporter takes him to task on his comments to Chris Wallace on the Sunday show. I want his, and others that have expressed similar talking points, feet to the fire. Why should any voter have to risk their life, or risk getting sick just to vote?


What I don’t get is why they haven’t proposed legislation to check all ballots for bamboo fibers before accepting the vote.
Isn’t it time someone stood up to Jina and its attempts to manipulate our government?


One side wants to blow up the filibuster. The other side wants to blow up the capitol.


Huh? I thought MoscowMitch liked the filibuster.


In other words, the GOP will do what they usually do - Lie.


Get ready. Senate Republicans plan to attack S1, the voting rights package, from all directions: it’s partisan, it’s pointless, it makes committing voting fraud easier.\

So, then, much like the 350 or so proposed voter suppression efforts across the country, it’s a preventative measure to protect the vote then? Because that’s what Republicans have been claiming. What’s good for the goofs…

There’s still some intra-Democratic debate over the proposal though, with members like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) preferring a more targeted and narrow voting rights bill named for the late Rep. John Lewis (D-GA). Committee chair Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) intends to introduce an amendment to tweak the legislation and address some concerns from election administrators.

They’re gonna pass it. Manchin’s gonna whine and bellyache about this or that thing and they’ll water it down some, but ultimately this’ll get done because it’s existential for the party and for democracy.


Then why does he abuse it so?

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God I hope so. It is existential.

Timely reminder for the rest of us not to wait around and hope, but act. Time to dust off our phones and fax machines and make passing SB1 an urgent problem for the senate.


Good. This means their fear of it passing is increasing.


Consider the myriad of bills and laws that are circulating throughout state legislatures that experienced a freakout moment when Trump lost. “Policy in search of a problem” came immediately to mind. Clearly, Republicans have learned at Trump’s knee the strategy of projection. It will be thrilling to see the level of freakout when S1 passes.


It is a politically motivated federal takeover of the election system

“The times, places and manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by law make or alter such regulations.”

That is why we are generally opposed to the Constitution which is the cornerstone of a federal takeover of the federal government.

“S.1 is bad policy,” followed immediately by “S.1 isn’t about policy.” Logical consistency is a roadblock to GOP talking points.


Is it possible to actually die from irony?

O/T, but thought you might enjoy your daily dose of AZ GOP crazy

An Arizona legislator is likening state messages encouraging residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine to communism.

The COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory in Arizona. But on digital billboards situated on state highways, the state has been urging residents to get vaccinated as a way of returning to normal life.

State Sen. Kelly Townsend, a Republican from Mesa, shared on social media last week that she thinks the signs are government overreach and similar to China, which has a one-party government — the Communist Party of China.

I note that Kelly is a hometown girl from my city - Mesa.


It’s existential for Sinema because if she screws this up and Sen. Kelly gets ousted because of the new restrictions in AZ, she’ll be destroyed in her primary in 2024. She’s already treading on thin ice as it is. The same can be said for Manchin too. His best bet at survival is to keep doing what he’s doing and then vote for the Dem bills in the end. Most won’t care four years from now that they dragged their feet and were general pains in the ass as long as they eventually do the right thing.


As states controlled by the GQP seek to cement minority rule, their mendacious elected officials will just spew nonsense. They all want minority rule to continue.

Hey Democrats— don’t let them dominate the conversation. Our very freedom is at stake. We all know they plan to conduct a successful coup d’etat in 2024 if they can get away with it.

This is the most important issue facing Congress now. We need unity. If that means giving Sinema and Manchin more stuff to buy their votes to pass it with 50 votes, so be it.


Blunt is a clump of cells looking for a conscious entity to dwell within in.


Why do I feel with regard to the GOP obstruction and lying (whether it is on voting rights, social safety net, or infrastructure, or anything else for that matter) that I have seen this movie before? And I hate seeing movies that I already know the ending.

‘Policy In Search Of A Problem’

No news here, the RRR* Party is still the PPP, the Party of Perfect Projection.

*Radical Racist Reactionary