AP: Census Plans To Concede It Will Miss Deadline To Give Trump Apportionment Data | Talking Points Memo

The Census Bureau plans to announce it will miss a year-end deadline for handing in numbers used for divvying up congressional seats. That delay could undermine President Donald Trump’s efforts to exclude people in the country illegally from the count if the figures aren’t turned in before President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

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Makes census to me…




Don’t count us out :sunglasses:


I other idiot Trump news…Ron Vara…ha ha ha jesus what idiots!


Color me surprised that they didn’t just push out a bunch of shitty data anyway. Good on you, Deep State Census people.


“And we would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those pesky laws!”


Paul Krugman? Oh yeah, the guy with a real Nobel Prize, not a make-believe one.




Yeah but he’s not a Dr. either, real or otherwise!

Biden should just throw the whole damn thing out and start over. No reapportionment until 2024.


I see how this would “own the libs” symbolically if it succeeded, but I’ve never understood how it would actually be a power grab for the Republicans. Aren’t the majority of states with high numbers of illegal immigrants southern states? I mean, California famously has a lot of immigrants, but the other states I can think of are Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia (okay, it’s purple now), North Carolina…what am I missing?


Yep. I am deeply relieved by this announcement, because the only way they would have been able to release something on this short deadline would have been if they’d just ditched reality and given trump whatever he wanted to disenfranchise random states he didn’t like.


Some people have pride in the work they perform!


The G.O.P. specializes in Pyrrhic victories. It’s like Alabama and Georgia taking strong stands against the presence of “illegals,” only to end up having to let crops rot in the fields because there was no one to harvest them. But it was a big “win.”


I’ve always seen this don’t count everybody move a something that management does in business, all the time. If you consider it on a cost bases. Don’ count everybody and then will less Representatives in the House overall. If there are less “people” in the count then a district will become bigger, and therefore less representatives.
But I also see this as a power grab, or maybe more of a squashing of power because CA will have less reps.
I’m not sure if this was discussed for the Congress but in MO they want to eliminate children in the count. That should screw up all kinds of data if they do this.


A long-term diet of lead-paint chips?


They should compromise. Count them as three-fifths of a person. Plenty of laudable precedence.


Politics as Entertainment (which Trump succeeded in using to make the GOP a Cult Hit Among The Base) has one problem:

Trump set out to deify himself. He succeeded, aided by a malignant personality and a shitload of help from a Crew all of us at TPM can describe and categorize at will. But there is a problem:

As a deity, Trump cannot be replaced. There is no other person like Trump and there is no person other than Trump.

It will be informative to see just who tries to BE Trump…because anything else is a rabble of pretenders

OT It just occurred to me that I can refer this thread to an actual live event in which someone, in 2016, actually tried to BE Trump. Marco Rubio, during one of the 2016 Debates, tried to go toe to toe with Trump by using the “insult” tactic. He looked and sounded like a combination of Moe and Curly on Speed.

He NEVER tried that again. EVER


I don’t watch any “reality” TV, so I’m not qualified to speculate, but there must be someone waiting in the wings who is as quintessentially awful as Trump. And that’s an important element, and what all of the pretenders are lacking - celebrity. The base wants someone who’s famous for being famous, and who is personally repugnant.

The other necessary qualification for whomever wants to assume the mantle is the ability to lie about absolutely everything without blushing, without ever backpedaling, without ever correcting. In that respect, Trump may be sui generis, with the possible exception of Tommy Flanagan.

There will, of course, be another demagogue, but it’ll probably take at least a generation to hock up another one. Stalin died in 1953, and we didn’t get Putin until about 2000.