Another Colorado Dem Ends Senate Campaign To Support Hickenlooper

Yet another Colorado Democrat is yielding to former Gov. John Hickenlooper’s Senate campaign.

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We’re counting on that.

And I’m looking forward to the future success of yet another very capable Democrat. Best of luck, Director Baer.

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Paging Mr O’Rourke…

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Clearing the table. CO Dems seem to be united.


Would that be the same Mr. O’Rourke who has said he has no plans or intentions but plenty of disinterest in running for a senate seat?

I know.

The thing is, I like Beto, I just don’t see a scenario where he is the presidential nominee and I don’t see a natural pairing for him for the VP slot.

I’d like to still see him do good things.

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You will be remembered for future races and positions.