Ahead Of Likely Endorsement, Biden Touts Buttegieg For Admin Role

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Monday that he’d approach former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg about joining his administration, should he win the presidency.

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Pete would be asset anywhere but I can see him being especially useful as VA Secretary. On the other hand, he might want to seek statewide office (Senate/House) to be more visible. As someone who is a Vet and desperately wants a VA Secretary who is smart and effective, he would be awesome. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Biden signaling that he wants his team of rivals to help him out. Meanwhile, Bernie jabs his finger at the world.


It’s certainly good politics on Biden’s part. I think a lower-key role (you know, not State or Defense) might be a good next rung on the ladder for Buddttegieg. There’s no denying he’s smart and talented.


I am all in on any Avenger’s Assemble moment that could happen behind a candidate. There was plenty of talent amongst the challengers even if very few stood out in comparison with the others.


I agree. I think the party should be proud of this herd, from those who started way back to those who are standing. I would love to see Harris and Booker and others entering the Cabinet. The President is one person. He/she needs a really really good Cabinet. Obama’s Cabinet was really good and they stuck around for much of his two terms.


And just like Obama’s pick of HRC for SecState, Biden will HAVE to pick some from the Warren/Sanders/AOC side of the party to have ANY chance of defeating Trump in the general.


Buttigieg graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and then was a Rhodes Scholar, with degrees in philosophy and literature, all before he joined the Naval Reserve and served as an intelligence officer in Afghanistan. He would be an asset to any administration.


Biden is going to have to repay the black voter by nominating one of theirs for Vice. Kamala Harris sounds the best to me but there are many choices for Biden if he does recognize the role of the black vote in his ascension. It’s not over yet but it seems like it’s moving toward Joe.


Dammit, I’m actually beginning to become excited (and optimistic!) about this process, for perhaps the first time this cycle!


Absolutely. Of course, he can only suggest this until he is in office but I would love to see Warren as Commerce or Treasury Secretary so she could go after the banks. Bernie, I don’t know. Department of Revolution? We also want to keep some of these people in their Senate seats. I would LOVE to see Warren as Senate Majority Leader. That would be orgasmic!


“Senior Advisor to the President for Hauling Trump Family Assess Off to Prison” has a nice ring to it.

(“Special Assistant to the President for Unearthing Why GOP Senators Were in Moscow on July 4th”?)


Bernie Sanders’ crew attacked Buttigieg by tweeting and retweeting this homophobic mess …


The retweeters included his comms director.


He has been talking to Stacey Abrams for months.


Really? Theirs?


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What excites me most, at present, is that Buttigieg will be an awesome surrogate for Biden on the campaign trail. Truth be told, better than Biden himself.

Putting Buttigieg in the Cabinet is a win-win for both. Buttigieg will do a great job for Biden, wherever they put him and it also solves the problem regarding what Buttigieg does next. Winning a statewide race as a gay Democrat in Indiana is a tall order.


O my gosh you are so right. I hadn’t thought of that - it’s a great thought!


It’s been hell, hasn’t it? Plus we have the Russians. We need to get out the vote and encourage people to listen to the candidates not the Internet.


I judge a man by the company he keeps… one of a veritable constellation of reasons I am not enthused about one Senator Sanders.

Which staffer was it who snarked in 2016 about telling Clinton canvassers that she was proudly voting for Jill Stein? I tried googling it today and couldn’t remember.


Or, it could have been the Russians. We can’t yet be sure at this point. But the Comms Director retweeting… that’s bad.

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