Agents of Influence: How Russia Deploys an Army of Shadow Diplomats

This article was first published by ProPublica and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

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The Russians have found that they have willing supporters among conservatives everywhere, and are leveraging it. They know it’s a lot easier and cheaper to overthrow a government and install pro-Russians in office through subterfuge (I’m looking at you, TMFWWNBN) than to invade (compare the US or the UK to Ukraine).

So, of course they’re going to use “honorary consuls.”


Russia did not have to deploy anyone to the good old USA.
He has the GOP and the NRA welcoming them with open arms.


Thanks for this timely article on how Russia’s dictator is seeking to undermine the social fabric of all the countries where Russia seeks greater power.


And don’t forget Fox newz’s support of Russia and other anti-democracy forces.


In his post, he included three words: “JOY. JOY. JOY.”

Joy was the name of the only survivor of the shameless and unforgivable murder of the Romanovs.

How strange the world is.