Acosta’s Employment Depends On How Long He’s In The News Cycle

Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta’s job is safe — for now.

According to people familiar with the matter who spoke to Politico, the White House is paying close attention to the coverage of Acosta’s role in the decade-old lenient plea deal for accused pedophile and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. President Trump is reportedly likely to keep Acosta in his current position and will only become concerned if his labor secretary’s time in the news cycle lingers, according to the report. Politico’s sources said Trump will give Acosta the “benefit of the doubt,” in Politico’s words, given the President’s own history of facing accusations of sexual assault.

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Predator with power shields predator-protector. The system working as intended!


Epstein should have limited his predation to orphaned or runaway Mexican and Central American juveniles. Then no one would have cared.


Acosta’s safe, because as the prosecutor working the deal, he kept copies of all of the kompromat.

Including the good old days of parties at Mar-a-GoGo with young ladies.


And exactly nothing will happen to him.
It was a long time ago…
Nothing to see here…move along.
Pelosi makes me ill.
“He has to resign”
How did he get confirmed in the first place!?
You knew then . It took the Miami Herald to motivate you

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He will be in the news cycle for a while.


Report: In Trump World, Acosta’s Job Depends On How Long He’s In The News

Then keep his fucking name, negative actions and illegal behavior in the news!

Now that we know that’s how the tRump formula works, use it journalists. It is your fucking job to report this shit anyway, isn’t it?

Every time you journos let go of one of these stories through tRump crisis management and misdirection, (which you all know is gonna happen if this stays in the news), another devilish tRump appointee gets its horns, tail and pitchfork.


Naw. He’ll be forgotten once the names start leaking. It’s probably a who’s-who of the D.C. politicals.

All that silence and acquiescence from the Senate has always been suspicious. Unless there was something that Trump held over them.


All I can think of is…

All Acosta, all day, all night!

Let’s keep up on the stories across various media and focus on the Acosta, trump, Epstein ones to ensure maximum coverage and clicks!

Make trump have to respond to this all week!


The other way people get fired in this maladministration is when an appointee gets better press than tRump, so it works both ways. Too much good news or too much bad news, either way it leaves donnie without being the center of attention…and that by itself cannot stand! Un-possible!


This affair has the potential for causing a lot of men a lot of problems. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine, has publicly stated the proverbial shit is going to hit the fan, sparing no one. I will assume she is in a position to know things many don’t, lest she wouldn’t have publicly ventured such an opinion:

The sex trafficking case against Jeffrey Epstein, unveiled by prosecutors from the southern district of New York in Manhattan, may have implications for many men who have come in and out of Epstein’s social circle.

Over the weekend, Christine Pelosi, a Democratic National Committee official and the daughter of House speaker Nancy Pelosi, warned darkly of a “horrific” case that could include names that have come up repeatedly in connection with the billionaire Wall Street financier.

After Epstein’s arrest on Saturday at a private airport in New Jersey, Pelosi’s daughter tweeted: “This Epstein case is horrific and the young women deserve justice. It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may – whether on Republicans or Democrats.”


There is probably a good reason GOPers in Washington haven’t been hammering on Bill Clinton’s ties to Epstein every second of every day… They would much rather everyone just forget his name.


Acosta is toast. Trump will throw him overboard after making him sign a (legally meaningless, but terrifyingly intimidating) NDA.


Acosta’s dispicable reputation is a bona fide among the Guardians Of Pedophiles, a badge of honor in those circles. He won’t be fired unless he (gasp!) comes out in favor of unions.

Note: That’s worker’s unions, not unions between adults and children.



I have a fantasy front page (NY Post?). Across the top: WHOREMONGERS! Underneath photos of all the swine who will be outed when this thing bursts like an over-ripe boil.


Make him famous


Alex Acosta got the Cabinet position because he protected Preshitident Skanky-Manslut, who has a long history of being a rapist and sexual predator, and his sleazy procurer/daughter-wife Iwanka’s roles in the rape of a young girl at one of Epstein’s parties. Alex was a loyal lapdog, was plucked from obscurity from Miami as a result, and got his reward in the form of the Cabinet position.

Iwanka was doing business with and attending Epstein’s parties regularly to pimp the young girls that were being trafficked from different parts of world through the Trump pageants and modeling companies.

According to Reuters, Preshitident Skanky-Manslut said this:
I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy, ” Trump said. “ He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.
(Source: Reuters)

Being close with Epstein was very lucrative for the Trump Organization’s pageant and modeling businesses.


I’d bet a dozen interwebs $$$ that Acosta will be “fired” or resign a week from today…

Which would be July 16, the day before Mueller goes to Congress.


It’s hard to know what kind of pressure was Acosta subjected to. Among Epstein friends and customers there are many really rich and powerful people.

Now Epstein is an arrogant @$$hole, as soon as he completed his light sentence he should have moved to Dubai like other who had reason to be afraid of american prosecutors (Erik Prince and Michael Jackson come to mind), not stay in New York daring anyone to have another go at him.


Read the deposition in the lawsuit that was tossed because the plaintiff was getting death threats. Prez Bigly Genius Molester is a lot more than just a buddy, he’s a fellow rapist. Of 13 year olds.