‘Abuse Of Power’: Cuomo Sparks Outrage Over Family’s Special Access To COVID Testing | Talking Points Memo

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) sparked outrage after multiple reports on Wednesday night revealed that his administration had arranged VIP access to state-administered coronavirus testing for members of his family and other well-connected people last year.

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Election objection guy and total general wingnut Lee Zeldin is shocked, shocked that a Democratic governor could even think of doing such a thing? Please. Including voices like that tears a huge strip off the credibility of any such article. It’s meaningless. And verges on malpractice.


While I get it. Andy is not a saint by any stretch and deserves to be called on his shit.

There is a certain pile-on feeling right now.

Are journalists just missing having Who? in office?


And it’s 1…2…3 strikes you’re out


Will someone give this lecherous leech the boot already?

This is all coincidental…no one’s behind these revelations that come at such an opportune time. BTW…the bit shows Cuomo’s brother in the frame alleging nepotism. Just a reminder: That brother GOT Covid. Just saying.

Lets keep this up. The GOP has NOTHING to lose here and all to gain. If they can work this crap into a sufficient outrage ( with high horse Democrats assisting ) they might get a GOP’er in the Governor’s mansion. Pardon time for Trump soon to follow.


It explains the trip Cuomo’s personal assistant made to Chicago recently: she was visiting Loretto Hospital, where special people were jumping the line on injections.

Cuomo is no better than Trump and DeSantis. Can’t wait for NY to throw him out.

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The long knives are out to get Cuomo aren’t they.


Getting pretty hard for me to see why he should remain in office.

Seriously. Let’s hear from Elise Stefanik too. I am sure she will have a measured, thoughtful take on things.


Yeah but, just because everyone is out to get him doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve it. Most of the accusations Cuomo is getting are from his own former staffers and other Democrats. Normally, when a politician has that many enemies and few (if any) friends on his own side, there’s a good reason for it.


For the GOP to win the governorship they will need the Democrats to form a circular firing squad, which of course is what they do best.

On the other hand, this just shows that New York (1) is right up there with Illinois and Louisiana in the corruption competition and (2) has the best government money can buy.

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Abuse Of Power’: Cuomo Sparks Outrage Over Family’s Special Access To COVID Testing

Does this mean the other investigation isn’t panning out so well for his enemies?

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When I reported for a living I tended to ignore takes that were obviously partisan and predictable. You might as well seek the opinion of bitter exes or a business competitor. Of course they’ll have their faux outrage sparked. The question is if supporters are running for the hills. Then it’s news. I don’t know everyone on that list but I sure as hell know Lee Zeldin, the bastard.


I think that the Democrats will do just fine if Cuomo steps down and his Lt. Governor takes his place. That’s not a circular firing squad. It’s the responsible policing of your own politicians which would show that the Democrats, indeed, know how to govern. If they don’t get rid of Cuomo soon, they’ll be signaling their lack of willingness to address corruption in their own ranks.


What really pisses me off about these articles is that family privilege by the Governor of New York, which is a certainty in every state, is getting more publicity than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis literally selling the vaccine to the highest bidders.


It is possible, albeit not yellow journalism newsworthy, that the Gov. was advised to get his family vaccinated in order to protect him.

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Man, this Cuomo thing has just been a bummer. I never follow state politics, and I just figured, like every other semi-informed New Yorker, that he was doing a good job.

I don’t think he should resign unless he gets an attack of conscience, which apparently isn’t going to happen. But yeah, he should go for lying about the COVID stuff if nothing else. (The nursing home stuff.)

The other stuff Cuomo’s been tagged with (at least what I’ve heard about), while wrong, is the kind of stuff you can probably find in the closet of Chuck Schumer or Kirsten Gillibrand, IMHO. It’s all there–it just takes the right political winds to blow it open.

What is booting DeSantis going to do for the GOP?