A COVID-Fueled Recall Effort Wears Down Political Life In Deep Red California County | Talking Points Memo

The day before pro-Trump rioters overtook the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., two supervisors in deep red Shasta County, California opened their chamber doors to the public, in violation of the Board of Supervisors’ earlier vote to continue holding meetings virtually.

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“it’s the latest battleground in the American culture wars”

I think it’s time to be done with this framing. “Culture wars” implies gay marriage and who uses which bathroom. We’re now talking about whether America continues to exist as a free society–at the national level whether are leaders are chosen through free and fair elections, and at the local level whether elected officials, often part-time, can make decisions free of threats to their lives.

This isn’t culture anymore. This is survival. Can we come up with a framing that reflects that?


The recall push has picked up steam largely thanks to a local restaurateur and militia member named Carlos Zapata.

There’s your problem right there, selfish idiots with guns who think it’s all cowboys and Indians when it’s not.


Really, it’s a bunch of yahoos who believe that you preserve democracy by forcing policy decisions by threat, or use, of arms, the ballot box be damned.
It’s a belief they’re encouraged in by their leadership and choice of ‘information’ sources.
They’re deeply fucking authoritarian.


This all redounds to one fat, orange blivet.


Might makes right.

That’s not how it works.


And they’ll tell you it’s in the fucking constitution.
Article… whatever.


Garden variety thug with no understanding of democracy: If you lose a vote you don’tget to have your way anyway by threatening to use force. Doesn’t matter if you are part of a gang or not.

ETA: Sounds like it is time to recall the sheriff.


Hearing a lot of threats of violence but not a lot about the arrest of those who are threatening elected members of goverment.


No word of the police in this article. That in itself, says a lot about whether all free speech in this county is protected. Perhaps LEOs and others are afraid Democrats will nationally legalize their number one cash crop.


Had to look it up. Amazing what the Hive does for my vocabulary.


This is what happens when the police and sheriffs are part of the angry mob.


Absolutely right. And what do most of them have in common? They’re mostly male, young, white, straight and brainwashed to believe that they are the “true victims.”


" it’s a bunch of yahoos who believe that you preserve democracy by forcing policy decisions by threat, or use, of arms, the ballot box be damned"

AKA - terrorists


On the plus side, it appears the vaccines protect against variants, so we can look forward to a continued right wing only pandemic. Nature will take care of this in due course.


They are who we think they are.


Better yet. According to my mom, a blivet (blivit?) is defined as “ten pounds of shit in a five-pound bag”.


The right wing(nuts) are honing their approach to policy arguments and good governance. It’s pretty straightforward: do as I say or suffer the consequences, which may mean violence and injury to you.
It cuts down on the need to develop a coherent approach to actually governing. No wonder the Republicans weren’t able to adopt a platform for their party: it didn’t matter and they didn’t care.


Time to start arresting, trying and imprisoning these insurrectionists’.


“When Joe Biden’s long winter sets and the dark night comes in this country, do you think you’re going to get to see the dawn?” one in-person attendee, Timothy Fairfield, asked the supervisors. “No, you will not. Flee now while you can. Because the days of your tyranny are drawing to a close, and the legitimacy of this government is waning.”

When the ballot box is gone,” Fairfield added, “there is only the cartridge box. You have made bullets expensive. But luckily for you, ropes are reusable.”
… … … …
Oddly these right wingers blame democrats for what republicans are doing with their “big lie” and insane conspiracy driven “audits”.
The world is irrational.
And then there’s Rand Paul who thinks he doesn’t need to be vaccinated cuz he had covid. Does he got a flu shot? Has he ever had the flu? He may be an eye doctor but he has zero understanding of viruses.