5 Points On The DOJ’s Fishing Expedition For Russia Probe Conspiracy Theories | Talking Points Memo

Attorney General Bill Barr’s effort to chase down conspiracy theories about the 2016 Russian election meddling probe are attracting new scrutiny as evidence mounts that the White House saw it as part of a quid pro quo with Ukraine.

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Even if no reliable evidence of Democratic wrong-doing exists, Trump’s personal attorney Barr will make it up to help Trump. The entire review is a sick joke and a sham.


OT but it’s trump:
Per cnn.com

Trump calls on Schiff to be censured

I say trump ought to be impeached, convicted , thrown out the door of the White House. Handed cuffs and indictment papers right there by federal marhsals. Arrested, Tried and convicted. Then 10–20 in the Pen.
Melania can decorate this place for him all in Faux gold paint:


Found it!


Careful Vlad, the little guy has fleas. And bedbugs.


Why the hell Trump and Barr don’t just dump a dead pool boy in one of Joe Biden’s hotel rooms on the campaign trail is a mystery. It would be much simpler than all these byzantine histrionics Durham is going through.


Doesn’t the Steele Document discuss the relationship between Russia, Trump and probes?


I am sure Jerry Falwell, Jr., would be more than happy to help with this.


With you.

We are much closer to this than six weeks ago. The thing is, Trump has learned how to attract mikes shoved in his face…and whatever he says is going to be favorably received by 30%-35% of voters.

So a raging maniac spewing lies simply attracts more attention than a quiet, drama-free man like Schiff, who is amassing damaging information on Trump and his Crew EVERY DAY.

It is exasperating.

But we are in a much better position than we were when Bob Mueller gave his Testimony to Congress in July. Then, I believe that Trump thought that Barr, McConnell, a drawn-out court battle and other Obstructors would allow him to Run Out The Clock until he could Steal another Election in 2020.


This is all too byzantine for any regular joes to follow, and that is probably the whole point of the exercise. Chump and Barr will be able to throw all this “official” crap into the air and blind the avg. voter.

I was looking at a poll someone did very recently, on the street, asking avg. voters if Chump should be impeached and they were, some of them, “open to it, if there’s any THERE THERE”. Which proves, they haven’t been paying attention.

The fact that we are to a place where polling shows impeachment AND removal higher than no-impeachment is astounding…but that may be just people’s general impression and getting real sick of The Orange Embarrassment.

If we are to win the PR battle on this, Barr needs to be shut down immediately. He is the only person with the ability to make ANY of these crap investigations look official. He is the only one who is able to make REAL investigations go away.

If we cannot immediately sideline him, then Ds need to go on an all out offensive against him, and smear his name from low to hi, and put the spotlight on him 24-7, even more than Chump. Barr is probably more important than Chump at this point.


Durham’s job interview:



I am amazed at the lack scrutiny that Barr has attracted.

He is, right now, the most dangerous gangster that the United States has ever produced. He makes the old Syndicate dodge of “buying judges” seem quaint.

Barr is destroying the idea of law itself.


I’d say that this kind of subterfuge is well past his pay grade. I mean, he’s not fooling TPM. What else is there?


How much money has this little escapade cost? I imagine it would pay the salaries of quite a few school teachers…


This all looks really stupid right now. I mean, even stupider than when it started. The “findings” will be hilarious.

I generally get an “OH NO!! PEOPLE ARE GONNA BELIEVE HIM AND TRUMP WILL GET AWAY,” vibe from something like this. Right now, I think they are going to look like children lying to adults who have had children.


Barr is holding hostage blindfolded Lady Justice and plans to murder her if necessary to spare his client unless somebody stops him.


So surely Barr/Durham will be reopening the IG investigation into the NY division of the FBI being a hotbed of pro dotard/anti Hillary sentiment since it’s conclusions were never revealed to the public if that investigation was even allowed to finish? Will Comey ever come forth with a statement saying that the reason he released the new info about emails on Weiner’s laptop was because the pro-dotard goons at NY FBI were going to start selectively releasing the emails? Will we ever find out that Barr in fact shut down that IG investigation into the NY FBI even as he launched an investigation into anti dotard bias inside the FBI? Surely an Atty. General of the USA would want all the facts on the table doncha think?


Considering how Trump pulled all support from the Kurds it would not surprise me if Ukraine announced that they were investigating the Democratic server.


I would wager that Barr went back to the same scurrilous propagandists in Italy that created the false document about Iraq importing yellowcake from Niger for a new helping of disinformation ala Mifsud. He went there twice and it wasn’t for an audience with the pope.


He ain’t foolin’ ME, El gales.

In a way, I wish he would act more like another cat in the Legal World:

Roy Moore

If Barr acted like him he would have been in stir in a jiffy. But Barr (like Moscow McConnell) has perfected the low-key approach…

I do think that, as much as I loathe Moscow McConnell, Barr is far more arrogant.