Whistle Blower obstruction, and Impeachment

Dear Congressman Schiff:

Having read the letter from the DNI office General Counsel refusing to provide the Intelligence Committee with access to a whistle blower complaint. I believe you have just one option available.

Submit an impeachment resolution on the floor of the House, citing Donald Trump’s refusal to perform his Constitutional duty to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed”, and authorizing the use of any and all powers and authorities under Art 1, Sec. 2, Clause 5.

The resolution should specifically authorize an immediate petition to the Supreme Court pursuant to this concern.

Given the general obstruction of the administration, an additonal omnibus provision should also be included, and also specifically citing the House’s impeachment powers.

Armed with this resolution, your committee should immediately petition the United States Supreme Court for an extraordinary writ of mandamus, compelling the DNI to release the whistle blower complaint within 24 hours, based on the urgency of national security concerns.

Thank you for your consideration.


Comment on the above:

This is the perfect opportunity for Schiff (who supposedly supports an impeachment inquiry) to force Pelosi’s and, as well as the hand of any recalcitrant Democrats. This is a matter of national security – and its clear that Trump will employ the same delaying/obstructing strategy he has in every other investigation so far.

Force Democrats to make that choice right now — allow Trump to ride roughshod over Congressional powers and cover up any and all crimes including those involving national security, or invoke impeachment powers, and take this straight to the supreme court.

As for the Court, given the National Security implications, and the clear intent of the whistle blower statute as a check on the abuse of the power of the intelligence community – including the office of the President of the United States – there is simply no way that they don’t do what Schiff would request.

And there is a bonus – it will create the precedent that laws compelling document production are paramount, and that specious executive privilege and other claims are of no consequence. This will help resolve the income tax case much more quickly (one hopes)


They need a few more days of fundraising emails before they take any drastic steps. Or any steps at all.

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