When Will This Be Fixed

Pages are loading painfully slow in the Hive (not on the main pages), and its been like that for days. It's almost to the point of not being usable. Thirty seconds to load a page (while sounds trivial...count out 30 seconds) its not. Worse is that its nearly impossible to edit threads at half the time due to the wait time and the you get an error the other half...Some sort of ETA for a fix would be appreciated.

I realize this is a busy news day, but really...every day with Trump is a busy news day.

PS...and I got error 502 bad gateway when I tried to post...its almost funny


I am on the left coast and I find that I have the same problems except late in the evening when you right coasters are all asleep, the hive behaves as it used to long ago. Does that tell you tech folks something? Tried to post this and got bad gateway.


They are on Amazon Web Services as far as I know, that is cloud and I would guess that like all other cloud based resources they can be dialed up on demand as required, the only catch is that it costs money.

Virtual systems that have been around for decades have been able to dynamically add CPU, memory and network capacity on demand as they detect load issues, cloud systems are even more seamless in doing that.

There doesn't appear to be that many concurrent users accessing the hive, even on heavy news days like this, so it is perplexing as to what is really causing this...

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Hi guys,

I'm going to direct you to this thread where we're going to post updates on bug fixes and overall upgrades to The Hive. Last night we deployed extra servers to help with increased usage of the Hive. While this is not the ultimate solution for creating a better Hive experience, we believe it will stabilize performance as we plan and develop more ambitions upgrades for the near- to mid-term future.



The deployment of extra servers does not appear to be working at all unfortunately...


We have been waiting for a fix for some time now.

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Hey guys,

I just spoke with one of our developers, it seems that there are 2 different hardware updates needed to help improve performance, one (the extra servers) was deployed last night and the second the team is planning on deploying tonight.


I've no idea how many users are online right now but the system is proving difficult enough to navigate that I'll make it one less user. I'm going out to enjoy this fine fall day.


The entire site is running very slow with constant error messages.

Is anyone here able to comment or see comments on the main board today?

I just checked an article and I see this...

Yes, that's what I see on all most articles. Perhaps some maintenance is taking place. I did just now find a few with live comments.

What is the problem with the icons being replaced by boxes these past four days?

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Why is the tech side of TPM so hard to get right? And the site is expanding to a $500 club membership. Maybe fix what you already have first?

My guess is that the all images load last since there is some clog in the intertubes.

I'm not having any issue at all, is this a mobile problem?

In the past, it has been a browser-related issue. That appears to again be the case, as the images for me appear in Safari but don't appear in Firefox.

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Works for me on phone but not on laptop. i think whatever you were using at a certain time got a load of bad images (or fonts as someone suggested). It’ll probably fix itself as the bad images age out.

I noticed this the other day, but it seems to be working fine now.

Not working for me in Firefox today, but I know which box is the "like button" anyway.