What We Learned From The Testimonies This Week On Trump’s Ukraine Scheme

As the Ukrainian scandal unfurls, many players, both leading and supporting, have come to the attention of the House committees conducting the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

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Did not know Trump intended to drain the swamp so he could install a cesspool…


We learned that Trump, the sycophants in his administration, and his family are corrupt, self-dealing thugs. But, we already knew that, it was only confirmed anew.

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What we learned from Adam Schiff this week:


Here’s a video of what’s happening in the White House:

That’s in just three days…and every interview gives more leads, including to people that we have no idea about. The Democrats are doing a good job following the leads, and it’s very likely they will get a complete picture of the events even without people obeying the subpoenas.

At this point, I wonder if the strategy is get all the people who will testify willingly on record, build the picture from that, and then wait until the courts grant the subpoenas (they really have to if we are still a nation of laws), and then put people like Giuliani in public sessions where they get hammered with the facts after they tell a lie in their testimony. Let the Republicans try to defend Trump under those conditions, with the whole story coming out and the administration scrambling to change their story…it would really damage them, especially once the Senate voted to let Trump off.


Before she went before the House committees, Hill rejected the White House’s claim that her testimony was impermissible due to executive privilege, asserting that much of what she had to discuss had already become public knowledge. Her lawyer also argued that such privilege dissipates in the face of government wrongdoing, a tune that may be picked up by other administration officials who want to testify.

I am somewhat heartened to read this.