What If You Had to Choose a Musical Alias for The Hive?

For some light relief from you-know-what, for anyone who needs that in the next few days.

(There's precedent here and here, to identify just a couple of past topics.)

So, what if you had to choose a musical alias or handle for yourself here on The Hive at TPM? Not your favorite song per se, but a song that you think captures some important aspect of you and your life, and that you choose to have represent yourself to the rest of us?

So, for example, instead of @jabbot, I might choose this for my alias or handle.

The only rule or request here is that you have to give some explanation. So, why "Blood Brothers" for me? Lot's of reasons, but I'll offer just two or three.

First, it strikes me as honest — life is really hard, it says: "Now the hardness of this world slowly grinds your dreams away / Makin' a fool's joke out of the promises we make / And what once seemed black and white turns to so many shades of gray / We lose ourselves in work to do and bills to pay." And I do strive to be honest, however often and however much I fail. It's just something I value and have thought a lot about (e.g., my doctoral dissertation was on deceit in Roman society).

Notwithstanding the darkness here in "Blood Brothers," the song also offers hope and optimism, which I cling to because I need them: "But the stars are burnin' bright like some mystery uncovered / I'll keep movin' through the dark with you in my heart / My blood brother."

Plus, I met my wife of 33 years in Springsteen's New Jersey, where she and I were in college together, and though I've never been one for attending concerts — I grew up in a very, very small town in a rural area, so it just wasn't a thing — she and I have been to hear Bruce and the E Street Band three or four times, each one memorable, none more so than the night he played this song on a dark stage after Danny Federici had died.


I guess it's gotta be "Old Man".

I realize I'm not such an old man measured against the life experience of many on this forum, but foolish choices and a hard head meant that adulthood came to me late in life and it was kinda like going from teenage to middle-age overnight.

I must have been about 12 when I heard it the first time on the Midnight Special--kinda creeped me out at the time.

Best line?

Musically I love the way he turns the corner in the chorus from D to Am7 to the acoustic guitar's natural allies---Em and G. Fattens up the sound after the thinness of the verses.


Zappa's "Cosmik Debris", a response to a huckster selling enlightenment. I am a bit of grumpy skeptic about things "spiritual". (It's a fun tune to play, also.)


Something between

and this..

But heck, I dunno....you decide.


Those who really know me here . . .

Keep a wary eye... for those preaching the gospel.



Bob Dylan's Most of the Time picked me, it's the song I keep going back to for the past year.

My 'her' is a place. Most of the time I can accept where I am (physically and otherwise), where others are, where we are as a country. It's not about like/dislike but recognition that there's a fragility to everything and everyone. And, 'most of the time' is a way to bypass discomfort with affirmations. 'I am', not always but most of the time.

Most of the time
My head is on straight
Most of the time
I’m strong enough not to hate
I don’t build up illusion ’til it makes me sick
I ain’t afraid of confusion no matter how thick
I can smile in the face of mankind
Don’t even remember what her lips felt like on mine
Most of the time


I want this to be my theme song, played it for my husband and he agreed it fit.


Wow. Just wow. Thanks for this.


HILARIOUS. I'm at risk of peeing my pants. So funny.


An old song, based in the music of an even older time. Odd how timely it seems now. This is the national anthem we should have.

An American Tune

Edited to add an apology for the spelling in the video- a surprising dearth of videos for this.


Years ago I enjoyed playing like this (though not quite 'like this'...with a few more years I might have gotten there.)

This is what happens when the grownups come to play. Fast forward to the 1h 19m 30s mark and turn it up.

Tower of Power's fortieth anniversary show live from the Fillmore.

Oh. And the answer to the 'Old Man'?
1h 32m...."You're Still a Young Man"

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The Sound of Silence

Works for me on several levels, a lonely compulsive reader in tech (neon gods). Lots of time spent in my own company during periods in my childhood, for reasons out of my control, so I became a mild extrovert who is comfortable in silence. The internet, which I've been involved with since bulletin boards is very much:

People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,

And as a night person, the iconic

Hello darkness, my old friend

is very much me. :wink:


Hard to choose.
My first thought was this (Bill Monroe's "Jerusalem's Ridge"):

"Sounds of Silence" is a good choice, but if I went with that these days I would use this version which is a take more in tune with the times we live in:

But I also thought of this:

I am a huge fan of Matisyahu - his fusion of Hassidic, Reggae and Rap is brilliant.