What An Utterly Surreal Week In American Politics

Old Joe is from the Silent Generation. As are famous “Boomers” Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, et al.

eff it, who?

Here’s Carville with a “suggestion” (he ain’t backing Harris).

He wants townhalls.


Got cha! We on same page. Yet, my experience is Southerner only tells me it’s more true than not cause whether they Southerner or not they deliver same BS. So my life ain’t defined by a region when I encounter a “good ol boy”. As they show up independent of region so I learned traits.

Because Fox and other RWNJ media sources are the ones inventing “drooling” memes and creating blooper rolls of Biden caught in a stammer or pausing before answering a question, pretending that he is practically mute.

Fox and RWNJ watchers are obsessed with Biden being demented, incapable of speaking or thinking, unable to walk or talk without help, and anything else they can lie about. Repeating their memes reveals what you’re using for a source.

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That’s because their candidate really IS demented, incapable of speaking/thinking, unable to walk/talk without help and it’s all readily documented, but the Faux viewer will never, ever see that stuff.

The P in GQP stands for Projection.

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I’ve never watched Fox News. Or oan or whatever shit they watch.

Apparently your life isn’t defined by accurate use of words, either.


Apparently you think accurate use of words is Euro-centric defined & it’s not…

Or perhaps words actually have meanings, and you just prefer to ignore the actual meanings so you can apply inaccurate labels to people, guaranteeing your communication is less clear and less effective than you might think it is.

Here’s a fun-fact: The American South isn’t in Europe, and therefore, the way a group of American Southerners define a label they created for themselves isn’t going to be ‘Euro-Centric’.

If it’s unclear to you, scroll on. Or perhaps, you need to broaden your thinking to embrace the cultural diversity of American vs insisting on defining “accurate uses” of terms & phrases you don’t get.

Fun- fact: Euro-centric uses of words is far beyond the southerrn region as I noted initially. The south lost the war and ownership of how terms are used outside of the south, even if you insist on clinging to all the southern ignorance.

Hi, I deal with common speech and usage in English around the world, daily. That’s my job. I deal with making sure English-language publications can be understood by ESL/ETL speakers on 6 of 7 continents, and assume the scientists in Antarctica are educated enough to get it, too.

Turning barely-literate drivel into easily-comprehensible reporting and analysis is what I do. Please believe me when I tell you I have understood every malapropism, grammatical failure, and misstatement you’ve made.

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Your list of topics particularly meaningful to younger voters is curious. Are you proposing the younger voter’s ears will tune out adult conversation on these topics? Yes that is what you are saying. Truly these tender voters complain what Joe Biden accomplished recently is what they want, but because Joe is a “geezer” we wont vote for him….