WH Will Release Executive Order Aimed At Giving Workers Upper Hand In Job Market | Talking Points Memo

The White House is set to release an executive order that gives workers the upper hand in a job market that is recovering from the wreckage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Any non-compete agreement in an at-will employment state should be considered null and void.


So It’s OK for McDonald’s To Train A WoRker on frying Fries anD he CaN take thaT valuaBle skill oVer to Burger King? UncapiTaListic!


So nice to see an administration that actually considers the rights of the worker rather than slavishly uphold the “Job Creators”


I can see this being an anti-business screed for someone on the Right.

I have non-compete clauses with every project I do - prevents me from going to work directly for a client I’ve consulted for and usually lasts a year from my final payroll day on the project.

But, for the most part, I have had no interest in going to work for any of them.


I had one of these years ago, but it was written so broadly that you would be essentially unemployed for a year unless you were willing to move or work for MickeyD. They are seriously abused IMO.



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An Exec Order? Honestly baffled as to how this has any chance of having any effect. This seems essentially a state law issue…

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Time limited and focused on clients you actually have worked on is not inherently unreasonable (1 year seems more or less reasonable abstractly).


Actually it would be better if Burger King was the one who trained people on frying fries, their fries are better than McDonalds.



Get vaxxed.


I don’t see how Biden can do this. Non Competes are rarely enforced as it is but I’d think this a gross incursion on the states.

There legit reasons for them. For instance: if I train you in a skill and you quit and use that training to compete with me in close proximity to me I think a bitch is in order. In that case the NC is based on proximity not skill or trade.

President Biden has assembled an administration of policy activists who have spent decades working to make transformational change and extend access to opportunity and justice.

And now, in this time of profound crisis, when there is so little time to get it right, he has a chance to seed a new generation of leadership.


Go, Joe!!!


Yeah, I’m 100% for limiting the rampant abuse of non-competes, but in some targeted scenarios (I think mostly, but not exclusively, big-client-facing) they seem appropriate.

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In other countries they can even be illegal. Once I was working for a Latin American subsidiary of a US company and from Corporate came the order without any consultations that all employees must sign a non-compete agreement in order to continue their employment. I refused to sign it, told then to pass it through the local lawyer, and of course it was unenforceable and downright illegal in several ways, not least :

a) It violates the workers right to work and
b) Unilaterally changing the terms of employment is not a valid reason for dismissal.

Yeah, in some places they distrust the tender mercies of the holy job creators and provides workers with actual rights.


NICE! Twice in my life my company has been bought and I was unable to apply for a job in the new company due to ‘non-compete’. Absolutely ridiculous. The when the time came the jobs were filled and I was laid off. Life always seemed to treat me better but at the time…


Non-compete agreements vary from state to state. Uniformity, even restricting them uniformly, would help national industries.


California (a foreign country to the right) does not allow for non-compete agreements.


Yes - and reasonable level of seniority.