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White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham still won’t guarantee the return of daily press briefings after 13 former press secretaries argued for them in an open-letter CNN opinion piece Sunday.

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Wow, now there’s an evergreen article, or at least, headline.


I’m sorry, but press briefings that are nothing but ramblings from his Orangeness with no basis in fact or truth?

Better off not having them at all. I don’t need to hear from streams of consciousness.


“the process for preparing for regular briefings makes the government run better” because it “helps ensure that an administration speaks with one voice.”

This would help the Acme of Asshats Administration how? Somebody help me out here.


“They may not say it publicly, but they all understand why I do things differently.”

Differently? How about doing anything at all? Why are we paying you if you’re not doing anything productive?



They’re all victims! Its their default button.


I wanna, but I don’t want to look up her previous remarks about briefings.


I have to admit, I don’t miss them at all. There was precious little illumination coming out of them. On the positive side, some of the statements and hijinks from the pressers did serve as grist for the TPM snarkmachine. If they were to be revived and Ms Grisham were to assume the “Locutus (Locuta?) of Trump” role behind the dais, best just forget about them until we have a Democratic president.


Trumps balls don’t rub themselves.




“Not right now,” Grisham told the hosts of “Fox & Friends,” when asked whether the White House will resume its daily press briefing, a longstanding practice under President Donald Trump’s predecessors.


Trump administration = The Gang That Couldn’t Lie Straight


Grisham is nothing more than the head cheerleader at the never-ending Trump Cult pep rally. She’s a True Believer.


Unless a Democratic President suspends them (I know, I know) and then it would be THE BIGGEST TRAVESTY in the entire universe that’s ever existed in the history of, of, of, of … everything.


By appearing on camera daily, every other day, or weekly would definitely cut into Steph’s happy hours. But on the other hand did her prior PR positions require her to be oral or written?

Really what this is Trump being his own PR person. Thus allowing him to control the narrative in that moment in time. The other aspect of not having WH Press briefings is that other agency heads/directors don’t have to try and explain what the hell they are up to. And those Trumpy love fest rallies, I guess could be called WH briefings, they occur more than actual briefings ever did.


There’s two kinds of arrogance. One is born of legitimate success and superiority, the other of overcompensation and projection. Neither is appealing, but Trump’s is 100% of the latter kind. His whole life has been dedicated to the construction of a vast fantasy reality intended to keep him from facing his own utter mediocrity and worthlessness. Everyone he hires is a reflection of that.

The Trump era will I believe prove to be a singular aberration, from which we will recover.


I’m fine without press briefings from this WH. The MSM has shown itself to be completely irresponsible in handling the constant, unrelenting stream of lies out of this administration. The MSM refuses to call the Administration’s statements lies. Instead, the MSM talks about statements “not being confirmed,” “miss-statements,” etc. The lies go unchecked and this unprecedented dishonesty is pushed out and repeated in the public sphere, diminishing our democracy day by day. So, this is the first good news for our democracy this year. Now, maybe the MSM’s chief WH talking heads can do some real investigative reporting for a change instead of their usual regurgitation of bald-faced Trump administration lies.


She should write a ghost-written book: Triumph of the Shill.

…Actually, someone’s already done it: http://www.triumphoftheshill.com/


Me, what I miss is an administration that would talk to the public via the media in a way that more or less used the same set of facts we all did, in deference to a shared objective reality I quaintly insist is still a thing. This administration premises literally every public statement not on facts but on baseless assertions it wishes were true. The entire GOP does that. It used to be otherwise, and that’s the status quo ante I think the former press secretaries want to return to. Not the Baghdad-Bob-style press briefings that did happen from the inauguration onward.


A democracy cannot function properly without it.