Weinstein Officially Convicted Rapist; Cleared On Serious Charges

Harvey Weinstein has been convicted by a New York jury of a criminal sexual act in the first degree and rape in the third degree, skirting more serious charges that would have meant life behind bars.

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All that effort to rent a walker…good thing they didn’t bother to adjust it correctly, that would have been just wasted time. (On the other hand, he could have probably just sent his assistant to almost any garage sale and picked one up for nothing.)


oh well, maybe he will be taught what rape really is at his new accommodations
going to take a really sick horny inmate to wanna love him.
lots a luck weenystien lol

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The prosecution tried to paint the women as opportunists who engaged in consensual sex to further their careers.

That would have been the DEFENSE, not the prosecution… @TPM @KATERIGA


Good news for a change. Now let’s see if Trump pardons him …


“He’s been treated very unfairly.” (As are all rich and powerful men in our culture.)


Beat me to it!

Trump can’t pardon him - NYS charges.


" He sometimes stared straight at the jury box and occasionally reacted to testimony, lowering his head when Mann described what she characterized as his abnormal genitalia."


To be pardoned by IMPOTUS Pu**ygrabber.

Also, the focus-group studies commissioned by Weinstein’s legal team showed that Weinstein’s hunched-over posture, induced by the improperly adjusted walker, actually evoked more sympathy.


That won’t stop Chiselin’ Trump from trying.



If he did it once, he probably did it more times. But we knew that.


It looks like Weinstein was simply too cheap to bribe Vance as much as the Trumps did a few years ago to get Ivanka and Jr. out of a slam-dunk fraud case. Dumb.


Beat me by that much…

Would you believe, tha-a-a-t much?


I hope it is not controversial to say that this was probably the right outcome. The prosecutors charged four crimes, forced oral sex, rape (in 2013, the most recent charge) and then two counts of a pattern of sexual assults (the most serious charge).

The problem was that the witness for the pattern charge was the weakest of the three, jury did what juries do, which is convict on the counts they agree on, and rejected (because they were hung, and eventually the hold outs decided it was not worth fighting over) the “pattern” charge.

I do think the prosecutors made a mistake in either not having other better evidence on the pattern charge (it is not like they don’t have a lot of examples) or in charging it at all. But it is possible they knew it was a stretch, but figured that they were better off giving the jury a way to split the baby.


Possible and highly probable, imo. Meanwhile, he gets another trial in L.A. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fella.


Can’t be pardoned by Cheatolini. These were New York STATE CHARGES. Not pardonable by Trump.

Only the Governor of New York State can pardon Weinstein of these charges, and that ain’t gonna happen…

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Not sure how to score this. He was acquitted of a lot unfortunately. The takeaway:

It’s easier convicting Trump’s minions of everything they’re accused of than it is a lifelong serial rapist.

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