‘We’ve Let The Worst Happen’: Reflecting On 400,000 Dead

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Some of us have no power to change anything.


If the President and the Democratic Congress want to Save the Country from Covid; cripple the violent radical right and ensure our majority in two years, only one thing is required: Direct and Positive Governmental Action.

Policies that IMMEDIATELY benefit working Americans.
Policies that IMMEDIATELY give relief to those devastated by the Pandemic.
Policies that IMMEDIATELY end the deleterious effect of the Filibuster.

Delivering on the promises of the Democratic Party robs the radicals of their support, and programs that aid families will earn the votes to stay in control of government.

It’s that simple.

Delay is a WIN for republicans- we must deny them that power.


Exactly. Some of us have tried to be part of the solution from Day 1.


“We” = T****.


I told someone last week that i feel more fortunate and lucky having survived (so far) my own bout with Covid-19 than i did having survived my traumatic brain injury that left me in ICU for a month. It is some seriously scary shit! When you learn you’re positive, the first question that comes to mind is Will i live? When you start to feel comfortable with the fact that you will, the next question is How will this fuck with everything else that my body needs to function normally? The answer to that question is still an unknown.


“We here a lot about mutations…
Shouldn’t we be changing our behavior”.

It was our failure to change our behavior that led to the mutations.


What you mean by “our”, geography man?

Among the problems is that the people reading these articles are seldom the ones who need to change their behavior. “We” are getting the pandemic “they” deserve.


I here you. I was referring to “we” as humanity in general.
I’m a globalist.


Ah, that “we”. Yep. Sometimes being your neighbor’s keeper is a thankless task…


We’ve Let The Worst Happen.”

Yes, it’s all Democrats’ fault.

(mega /s!)


And we CAN’T forget the long-haulers. The effects of this virus could be with our species for a really, long time. Sobering story from an early case in Seattle.



Ware a mask and practice social distancing and wash your hands often and avoid Covid fatigue.
Refusing to ware a mask is irresponsible and brands you as a moral douchbag.


My reading is that mutations are normal in viruses, it was the lack of people taking the disease seriously back in March and April. It’s the lack of people who insist that the economy be preserved over and good practices of social distancing, and mask wearing.
But let us not forget that T**** highjacked the message, T**** contradicted the experts, and no one from his party dare correct him, they all followed him.
As bad as T**** is/was never forget that the Republicans from one’s representative to senator did not do a damn thing. They did not become the bridge from federal to state efforts.
And don’t get me started on governors and state senators and reps, except for my state rep she was a Dem.


And this is something that I don’t think get the attention it deserves. I wonder if right now psychologists are studying the ways some coped, some struggled, and some just fucking ignored all advise and orders and said “you’re not the boss of me!”.


Not wholly: the new lines are it’s all shared responsibility and there are no lies, only different points of view.

‘We’ve Let The Worst Happen’ ________ This is what happens when you have a culture built on the religious principle of an innate depravity of humans and pride in rugged individualism. Don’t expect this pandemic to change a damn thing.


The problem isn’t just that we have set the states adrift without a national plan.
The problem is we haven’t been able, as a species, to come together on a global plan.

All of our most pressing problems, Covid-19, AGW, nuclear proliferation, etc. are global in nature. Einstein called nationalism “the measles of mankind”, a childhood disease. Humanity needs to wake up and grow up. Solving these issues requires global cooperation. Nationalism just gets in the way of proper reform and cooperation.


Just this a.m. I took my ancient Toyota to have the annual inspection and tune up. I’m new here and went by online reviews of this place and they were great. Imagine my surprise of walking into the office to see 3 women behind the counter behind plexiglas but none wearing masks. There were two others dropping off cars, no masks and another entered, no mask. I was the only one with a mask. This was a shocking and scary experience but wasn’t inside for more than 5 minutes and kept my distance. And, as far as I can tell about this place with population of 20,000, over 2000 have had positive tests for Covid. That to me is outrageous.


“Innate depravity of humans”

I can’t recall looking into the eyes of a newborn baby and seeing depravity.
(Your avatar looks a bit ornery but that’s not really “depraved”.)