We know what fascism looks like even if you call it conservativism

“The impeachment is a coverup.” - https://spectator.org/this-impeachment-is-a-cover-up/

Conservative narratives are the opposite of reality.

Trump should have been impeached for racism months ago. No one makes him do the things he does.

US conservatives have zero moral character. They cannot put themselves in anyone else’s shoes. They can’t imagine being a candidate who is attacked by a sitting president wielding the power of the office to extort another country to manufacture a fictional conspiracy against you. Anyone can imagine how conservatives would respond if the roles were reversed.

I have no love for Biden, but that’s how morality and fairness is measured. I’m not a democrat, but I am a moral person and so I must respect the truth. Independents generally know the constitution protects them from both parties. If you’re not a constitutional republican, you’re a fascistic republican.

Putting oneself in the others place is of course fundamental morality that all children learn. You put yourself in the others shoes to determine fairness. Fairness is not being able to do whatever you don’t get punished-for, which is the immorality of infants, criminals, and psychopaths. That is the stage of moral development that describes Trumps modus operandi and US conservative arguments.

No one forced Trump to bribe another country to interfere with a US election. The 2020 election is already corrupted by Trumps actions, and conservatives back him up every inch. Respect for the constitution is gone as a US conservative principle. Conservatives look more anti-American and fascistic every day they support Trumps crimes against the constitution.

Orwell would likely have a great time analyzing the US conservative narrative that is the precise opposite of fact.

2+2=5 - It was a perfect call.

War is peace. - There was no quid pro quo

Freedom is slavery. - The impeachment is unconstitutional.

Ignorance is strength. - The impeachment is a coverup.

Thanks to Orwell, we know what fascism looks like even if you call it conservatism.

Conservatives provide cover for high crimes and extortion while claiming to love the country. I only hope you soon learn in no uncertain terms what moral people think about this autocratic and authoritarian movement.