Unmanned Blimp-Fancying Mayor: Blimps Are Cost Effective | Talking Points Memo

The Utah mayor who wants his town to use an unmanned blimp to fight crime tells TPM that when it comes to to the cost of your Unmanned Aerial Vechicle, there’s no beating blimps. That’s not to say that he was born a blimp believer.How Mayor Matthew Godfrey came to believe that his town of Ogden, Utah needs an unmanned aerial vehicle is its own story. Not long ago, Godfrey was at a convention in Denver, trying to recruit companies to move to Ogden. At the convention, he met members of a research group at the Utah Center for Aeronautical Innovation and Design at Weber State University, who are developing unmanned aircraft technologies. The more Godfrey heard about these “really cool technologies,” the more he thought Ogden could use a UAV. So he asked the researchers to put together a proposal.

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